by Drake


          My the ‘rumors’ just keep coming…?
        This is one of several ‘lists’ sent to me.
       …and they all get to wait…
        There is another (main) shoe to fall first.
           ~ Drake
                            1st   Basket  RV’s:
currencies around the worldHere is a list of the currencies that are updating together in the 1st basket::
jod = Jodan dinar
sos = Somali Shilling
scr = Seychellois Rupee
std = Sao Tomean Dodras
tnd = Tunisian Dollar
syp = Syrian Pound
tzs = Tanzanian Shilling
myr = Malaysian Ringg
aed = United Arab Emirates Dirham
pen = Peruvian Nuevo
php = Philippine Peso
qar = Qatari Rial
nad = Namibian Dollar
mzn = Euro
ngn = Nigerian Naira
omr = Omani Rial
cny = Chinese Yuan
kzt = Kazakhstani Tenge
lbp = Labanese Pound
vnd = Vietnam Dong
iqd = Iraqi Dinar
cop = Colombia Peso
bob = Bolivian Boliviano
vef = Venezuelan Bolivar

Drake | February 11, 2013 at 10:40 am