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All Hell Has Broken Loose In Chile

Activist Post By Dagny Taggart The S has hit the F in Chile. Citizens are protesting economic inequalities in the country. The protests began after the government raised metro prices, which appears to have been the final straw for the people. It sure...

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Nasa unveils new spacesuit for next Moon landing

BBC News The US space agency has unveiled the prototype for a new spacesuit that could be worn by the next astronauts on the Moon. Nasa chief Jim Bridenstine shared a close-up look at the next-generation suits for the agency's Artemis programme. The...

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Transcendence Through Intuitive Thinking

Montalk » 21 June 07 In this article I will be discussing the philosophical system used to derive the content of my website, the nature of proof, and the importance of intuitive thinking as an effective method of truth analysis. Hopefully...

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FBI Files: Journalists and their Periodicals

The Black Vault Background Journalists and their periodicals have long been watched by the FBI. Here is a list of prominent journalists and different publications that have their own file folder within the FBI.  Declassified Journalist FBI Files...

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3 reasons to investigate the US Navy UFO incidents

The Hill UFO “sightings” are the stuff of tin-foil hat conspiracy theorists. That is, until one hears the extraordinary account of retired U.S. Navy Commander David Fravor and his colleagues. Fravor, a career fighter pilot, former squadron commander...

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DR. Raymond Rife ​ “The End To All Disease”

Rifing As a scientist, inventor, and engineer, particularly in imaging and medical microscopy, Royal Raymond Rife was a genius. He was to medical optics what Nikola Tesla was to physics.Rife’s previous work led him to believe that microorganisms...

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Message from Matthew – October 15,  2019

MatthewsMessagesMessage from Matthew October 15,  2019 With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. We have joyous news—the spray that forms chemtrails no longer has toxic elements. This development went through the chain of...

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Aim4TruthPatriots4Truth CITIZENS RELEASE TREASON REPORT AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION, ANONYMOUS PATRIOTS MAY 13, 2019 Over 20 years of data collection with two powerful citizen intelligence groups – -Americans for Innovation and American Intelligence...

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