Daniel Teague

Have you ever said you feel like time is going by too fast?

During a deep meditative state on August 19th 2015 Daniel Teague received information from a guide on a light ship that the 24 hour Earth clock has been eliminated.  Please transition to the Arcturian 36 hour daily cycle. Daniel was unsure if this was only meant for him?

On August 20th 2015 a being named Sphinx from Arcturus came to Daniel. Sphinx said “this change should slowly be awoken to all Starseeds and humans. We understand this change will come with hesitation but will be viewed and reviewed”.

It is obvious a galactic event is coming but it’s unclear exactly what will happen. Please prepare to act when you feel the moment has arrived.

To hear Daniels original interview with Alexandra please click http://galacticconnection.com/alexandra-meadors-on-the-fly-interview-daniel-teague-of-vegastarhealings-com/#sthash.nnOyIqan.JqQsuqLa.dpbs

If you have questions about the messages please contact Daniel at http://www.vegastarhealings.com/