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A Critical Appraisal of the Role of Wheat in Human Disease
Foreword by Dr. Ron Hoggan
wheatHaving studied gluten grains and their impact on human health for almost 20 years now, the surprises
caused by new insights are more and more rare. Nonetheless, when I read about Sayer Ji’s
startling perception of wheat germ agglutinin (WGA), and the several pathways by which it can impact our
mental and physical health, partly due to its ability to cross protective barriers of the gut and the brain, I
was, at first, very skeptical. Further investigation revealed that he really was onto something new. And
the implications of this new understanding are, to say the least, dramatic. His work raises legitimate
questions about one facet of gluten grains that has largely been ignored by the gastro
intestinal research community. It opens windows of understanding. And it provides a different vantage point on these
perplexing problems. Here is my promise to you, dear reader: There is a whole new world revealed
through Sayer Ji’s work. Read on. Enjoy. Puzzle it out. And by the end of your reading, you will wonder
how your prior view could have been so simplistic and, perhaps, misguided.
Sir Isaac Newton’s famous metaphor (perhaps quoting others) said something to the effect that we
see further, not because of any special endowment of our own, but because we are standing on the
shoulders of giants. After reading Sayer’s work on WGA, I felt as if I had just been boosted to a higher
plane from which I could see and understand much, much
more. Sayer’s insights continue to shape and
inform much of my effort to understand the various impacts of grains on human health.
Dr. Ron Hoggan, Ed. D.