Your resonance with this message mostly likely signifies your connection to this organization. You are a being that has aligned with the principles of Love — compassionate, respectful of all life, accepting of differences, kind, peaceful, truth seeking, appreciator of beauty in all its many forms.

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Blessed soul, we are so grateful for the support you give to your brothers and sisters, and for your caring intentions toward planet earth. Your efforts and energy — whether in action, or at rest — your vibrations are instrumental in affecting the consciousness of humanity towards Love, towards peacefulness, towards cooperation, and towards the unity that you know ultimately lies beneath all life. That said, we wish to remind you to remember to feel this same gratefulness and appreciation for yourselves, as the trials and tribulations of life can weigh heavily upon all of you, and will from time to time bring you down, cause you to question your sanity, your purpose, your motives, and otherwise, may lead you to disparage yourself for not doing more, for not being more, for not doing something good enough, or fast enough, or with enough reach. Of course, this is simply not true.

You are doing exceptionally well — each and every one of you, without question. In fact, there is no benchmark, or goal that can be reached to the point that one can say — I’ve done it — I’ve accomplished everything I set out to accomplish. Truly, accomplishments are not quantifiable from the perspective of spirit — the perspective of eternity. There is only right now. And, right now, you are perfect. Everything you do or don’t do, everything you accomplish or don’t accomplish, it is all perfect. And, we are completely and utterly grateful for your service. For, it is you who are there, in the physical world, not us. It is you who are persevering to the best of your ability, in a harsh environment, where several factors impinge upon your ability to exist comfortably at all times. We speak of food, and water, and shelter, and the comforts of loving companionship. And, to varying degrees, these essentials are not always easy to acquire. And, then, there is the not so small matter of physical and mental and emotional health — also a challenge to gain and maintain — especially when the necessities of life are withheld over time or are in short supply.

So, we are fully aware of the challenges, and applaud you all as you too were aware of these challenges before your birth, before you elected to take on your mission. And yet, there you are now; bringing your vibration to the material world, and to the collective consciousness of humanity, and in so doing, elevating those around you, and all those who are together with you on the planet. This is monumental work, and because it is so, we wish you to remember this from time to time, and as you do, perhaps you will also remember not to disparage yourself so. Because, truth be told, anything you do or don’t do is a success to the evolutionary process and to the inevitable awakening of the human family, just by your very presence.

You see, all human beings are on a path to awakening (tho some are more ready at this time than others). Still, in order to preserve your planet, and continue this evolutionary arc towards its certain conclusion, enough of you need to awaken in order to tip the scales in the direction of Love. And, this is why you have come at this time. This is why it is important for you to be there. You are needed in order to tip the scales. And, no amount of success, or preaching will bring about this change. The only way is by being present, and by living your life in alignment with Love. In so doing, perhaps you might stimulate interest in others, however, ultimately, they must do the work of alignment too. And, that work will only be done when they are good and ready, and not a moment sooner. Thus, your presence creates an environment — a favorable environment — for the vibration of Love to propagate. Most of the time, this happens without any awareness on your part, or on the part of the receiver. Simply stated, your vibration triggers the vibrations of another being to harmonize with it. And, when that happens, there is an unconscious reaction that says, “I like this.” And, once that reaction has occurred, the recipient will suddenly find themselves seeking out more of that vibration — whether by being closer to you or to others who radiate at that frequency, or by seeking out materials, films, or music that carry that vibration as its dominant aspect. Does that make sense?

Beloved soul, simply stated: We love you all so much, and appreciate you for all that you are. You are perfect, and you are enough.

Bless you,

The Guardians of the Light aka The Guardians

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