MeAND NOW FOR THE EXCITING PART…STEVEN AND I RECEIVED A VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE SIGNED UP FOR THE IMPLANT REMOVAL PROCESS ( aka IRP)!!!  I got the “call” once again to check in with The Council to ask some additional questions regarding this process.  This is what we received days ago.  If you write me back, please be patient with the time it takes for me to response, because I am doing everything personally.  I am really big about treating each and every one of you as a special part of this unfolding.

“Those of us who have received the IRP are totally protected, but that does not stop the fact that we must be very diligent in our choices from this point forward.  We will be tempted at times, but we will know better to avoid certain paths and be very honed into our Inner Voice.

People cannot do this successfully without Pam and Alexandra’s assistance because of a couple of reasons; 1) they aren’t removing what they think they are removing, and 2) they won’t receive the specific encodements.  These larger implants are “designed” this way to require assistance (and this is why most of you have never questioned it).  This is also about trust as well.  We all made an agreement eons ago amongst ourselves that we would be stepping forward.  A clarion call would be put out, somewhat like a test or a code, which would allow ourselves to be vulnerable for the sake of The Light.  It is one of the ultimate commonalities we have amongst ourselves – an issue with trust.

The implants that are small (like the needle sized ones) can be removed and act almost like a distraction.  They are another arm of the matrix.  The larger implants control the smaller ones.  The larger ones can recreate the smaller ones, literally calling them back in.  The smaller ones are like annoying little beings that do not really cause the real damage.  The big ones are an arm of an octopus looking “creature” requiring special instruction to remove them properly, without danger or damage to the individual. Pam was given this special instruction.  You can imagine what can happen if this sort of instruction got into the wrong hands or was misused.  Steven and many others have been told their implants were removed but unfortunately suffered backlash from this experience, attacked literally by the consciousness of the implant and therefore the creature itself.  This is not to be taken lightly.  Much planning has gone into the mission in which Pam and Alexandra are participating in.  You have a knowingness about them.  Think about why this is.  It is because you do know them and were “waiting” for this call (some more anxiously than others).  You knew it was time.  You know they are capable.  You know you can trust them.  If you do not, it is interference to prevent you from breaking free from the matrix.  Everyone needs the extraction process through Pam but everyone also needs Alexandra’s encoding as well through her essences. These are encoded for the 144,000.

We are Guardians, the ancient souls who carry much Light and Wisdom.  We have had immeasurably difficult lives and have been targeted severely by the Dark.   We carry a state of being where all of our multi-dimensional selves are fully integrated and we recognize each other because of our “size.”  We are huge in our fields,  going all the way to Prime Creator – which is how we relate to the all-encompassing beingness of a Guardian. We can image how large each other is.  This is one of the only ways to relate to it on a 3D level.

On the inner plane, we appear as a burst of light residing all the way up to The Prime Creator – not stopping at each dimensional level but expanding through all time and space and all continuums.  We are incredibly capable of manipulating light and dark particles.  All of us are multidimensional, all of us are here there and everywhere, but there is a level in which the 144,000’s multi-dimensional fields are defined.  Our multi-dimensional fields are far more encompassing.  Because our fields are so massive, the 144,000 can finally unite to cover the entire planet.  We create a blanket of grid that we are bringing together, each of us carrying a piece of that structure. We then can “interlock” in a certain pattern and be this grid that envelopes the planet.

Even the price of the process is $144 and if someone asks for it for free, then they really cannot see it.  They cannot see it as a gift but only as something that is owed to them.  They are not part of the 144,000.

The 144,000 have to go through this process first so that the next layer of people will lay on top of our grid.  This is because we are the stabilizers, the foundation, the pillars.  We will hold this light on the planet so it cannot waiver or go backwards ever again.

The energy we are building is surrounding the entire planet – like a flower of life – getting denser – each person of the 144,000 is a node on that grid.  They will be the contact point for the additional levels on top of their part of the grid.  People who are walking around will walk through this energy.  It is important to note that we need to get the 144,000 grid stabilized.

Jesus had 12 disciples and Mary had 12 disciples as well, which created the energy of the 144.  This is a reminder that we are reuniting the Twin Flames.  All of them will begin to be united.  It does not mean that a spouse who didn’t sign up for the process isn’t their twin flame, however if they aren’t on board, the person who signed up will be coming into a field where they can now meet their twin flame.

We are space holders and will become much more active on the planet.  Each of us has been encoded to ignite the union of the projects necessary for heaven on earth.  However that unfolds.  Each individual will have a specific key to bring this about.  Steven and Alexandra’s key responsibility is to bring all of the 144,000 together.  Why did we choose Alexandra?  Because she draws people in, magnetizing people into her field.

You have picked up on the fact that there is a frustration about the Ground Crew.  The Ground Crew is the 144,000, which as has not fully awakened, and has not been catalyzed by all of the things done such as numbers, ringing of ears, messages, synchronicities.  It has not been enough due to heavy density and programming and is the reason we are doing what we are doing.  As we turn The Light on within each individual, The Light on the planet is exponentially increasing.  We hold the “sequence” to move The Light in all directions.  We will be like an exploding star – we have the power or the thrust to get the job done.  It is similar to a pebble that has dropped into a pond with waves going out in all directions.

We will step fully into 5D once the 144,000 are completed and unified.

Right now, we are still anchored, and can step into 5D from time to time, but we can’t stay there because of this contract.   Be careful of the connotations from the word ‘contract’ because it  insinuates obligation. It was our hearts desire to do this. Alexandra and Steven asked for this mission and in fact pleaded for this mission.  We then gave it to them because of the purity in their hearts, their intentions, and their lack of ego.  This was very important because of “falling short” on issues from prior missions.

Don’t get hung up on time.  Everything is unfolding.  The 144,000 are effecting time.  We are so hung up on feeling like we have to do it by a certain time, but all of us are changing the time space continuum. It is difficult to understand in the human body, but if we relate it to a time scale, it is giving us more time that we want.  The more of the 144,000 that come in, the more time ceases to exist.  We will be able to step forward into no time.

The implant itself is a time mechanism.  The implant has covered up how all-encompassing we really are.  General population implants are not as heavy duty and may not be as numerous as those of the 144,000.  We have been severely targeted.  This is because we are made up of the Planet’s Twin Flames.  We have come from the original flame of Mary and Jesus and of course further back than that, where we have represented the male and female energies.  The Twin Flame Energy will trigger us (12 x12).

This is one of the reasons why they rewrote history and presented Jesus as a single man, in order to cover up the fact that he and Mary were Twin Flames – the symbolization of the Twin Souls.  The disciples then came together creating the numerical energy of the 13. Once we have reached 13 in total unification, we would be in total bliss with Prime Creator.  The two 13’s is also an 8 – the infinity – the yin and yang – and when we add Source to the equation, we would get a 9 where we would once again be united back with Source in Its completion.  It would be the completion of physicality in this dimension.  An anomaly came to be that was not expected. Prime Creator stipulated that this was to be done some 450,000 years ago.

It is excellent to unify The 144,000 on a physical level if we can, but it is unnecessary since we are already reuniting on the etheric.  We are already uniting etherically within a Council of the growing 144,000. We have been 100% successful with IRP’s that have come forward.

The 144 price is also an encodement, as is the tone of Alexandra’s voice.  This is why she felt “pushed” into interviewing.  This is why she felt the longing to interview Cobra.  By just listening to his voice, she realized the vibrations were an encodement for her.  She then suddenly realized that all voices have encodements.  This is why you don’t want to listen to a lot of negative stuff/angry because it hits you to the core, and penetrates your cells. It causes you to have to realign your vibratory frequency.  Do not get distracted from the outside noise.

The more people that complete the IRP, the more powerful it will be and the easier it will be to take on the nasty energies on the planet.  We are dismantling this matrix one “leg” at a time and the matrix is freaking out.  It is like strands of hair on the octopus’ head – there are gazillions of fine threads to go through to disconnect (at this point the wind began to blow severely).  Vibrations will continue to build higher and there will be more receptivity with those who sign up for the IRP.

These implants control us, enforcing the matrix, defining us finitely, keeping us in a finite form.  It shows us a holographic picture of ourselves ONLY in a 3D body, shutting down communications, our Light, controlling all 3D systems.  Everything is networked into these fibers – court buildings for example, are able to cord us, manipulate us, cause something bad to happen for us in order to feed the system.  Now we are driving through this mecca of tentacles, but we are no longer tentacled.  It is like a circuit board. The stop lights, the buildings, the roads, the ground, etc. are like tentacles in the matrix because it has infiltrated everything. Everything is part of the matrix because it is holographic.  Whenever they hijacked the earth, they created this matrix.  We cannot understand this with our 3D brains, but it is partially using something similar to scalar waves.  They created these “fibers” into everything through a scalar wave-type technology by sending it out like a delivery system.  It is able to be everywhere all the time.  Even after being unplugged, we are still walking within a matrix that is a hologram of the mass consciousness and belief systems because we are still part of it.

Ultimately, we will be helping the other Twin Flames find themselves. The Twin Flames will restore unity with All Creations and collapse duality.

Here is an excerpt from an article entitled “Twin Souls, Twin Flames, and Soul Mates” by Harusami:

“The 11:11 is the spiritual messenger which signifies the channel between the higher and lower, a connection between conscious and unconscious, heaven and earth, yin and yang, male and female.  Two 1’s joined, that make the pillars of the heavenly gate.  The vibration and message of the two into one and the 1’s into two, the power of one twice amplified…this is a perfect symbol of the Twin Soul…..the Twin Flames contribute the unification of the individual at the planetary level.  When each twin has achieved an equivocal equilibrium and both resonate to an identical vibration of the higher consciousness; the Twin Flame should automatically appear, as the Creator has orchestrated the union.”

It is important to understand that you may have to counter the negative chatter while waiting to have this done.  This is because the matrix is aware it’s time is numbered with you as a feeding participant.

Remember our time is now and we will be blessed abundantly, finally.

(If you have any information on the 144,000, please send it my way as well.  Also, please feel free to share your own messages with us.)

Sending you all everlasting love and peace,

Steven and Alexandra