December 21, 2012:
Meeting Zero-Point and Beginning Anew

By Eden Sky

written Nov 8, 2012 . 13 N’oj . 8 Seed

Dec 21, 2012 is a date carved in stone by the Ancient Maya over 1300 years ago that indicates the completion of a World Age Cycle. It clearly marks the end of a 5,125 year cycle, and many independent researchers and indigenous messengers affirm it is also the completion of a nearly 26,000 year cycle.

This infamous date which is rapidly approaching marks an end and a beginning simultaneously, called a “Creation Day” by the Maya – literally a return to Zero-Point. 

What does this really mean? It is a question we are all being summoned to ask ourselves. As we each witness and experience the turmoil and rapid change taking place on Planet Earth, it is clear our future is unknown, with all too many factors and influences to possibly account for. There are endless predictions, projections and hypotheses put forward to proclaim our possible collective future, but in reality no one can be certain of the path ahead.

This rapidly approaching Dec 21, 2012 Synchronization date can be understood as an alignment of vast timing cycles, both celestial and planetary in nature, that was recorded precisely to alert us of the potent opportunity of these times we are now living through. The Maya say we will be entering “The Fifth World.” The Aztecs call it the Dawning of “The Sixth Sun.” By whatever name, we are approaching the Turning of World Ages, and every single one of us in an essential player in these planetary moments!

What does it mean that a World Age is closing and preparing to Re-generate? 

How can we consciously shift in harmony with the Grand Changing of Cycles?

What new evolutionary possibilities can we meet on the other side of this threshold?

The more deeply we contemplate these questions from our hearts, the more receptive we can become to living the answers, and consciously surrendering to this vast evolutionary process underway as it unfolds through us.

This 12.21.12 synchronization date can inspire us to make positive changes and alignments in our lives!

As we near the Closing of this Cycle it is key that we look at our own lives and ask:

What is seeking to be resolved?
What is in need of healing?
What is seeking 
What amends can be made
to be in right relationship?
What baggage – both physically and emotionally –
can be let go of now, that we don’t need to carry into the New Era?

As the Maya timekeepers say, Earth herself is transitioning into a New Cycle. This reality makes it more essential than ever that we attune to the living process and potential of Transformation on all levels. So too we must find new ways to heed the calls to align our human lives and culture in harmony with the biosphere.

Mayan Ajq’ij Denise Barrios writes:

“What is the significance of December 21, 2012? …Mother Earth – like the living being that she is – will elevate her spiritual condition. That is why humankind, as a manifestation of her evolutionary legacy, will be able to transcend to the next level. Sadly, we have continued to destroy our Mother Earth and have put our own evolutionary history at risk, just as previous civilizations did when they reached this point. Notwithstanding, once again, we have the opportunity to ascend to a higher level, and to perfect our spiritual evolution through Her.” – From “2012: The Door to Transition” published in “The Energies of the Day for 2012.”

Many ancient, indigenous prophecies point to these times as bringing an actual mutation of our humanity into a new species, catalyzing us to begin accessing new capacities and new, untapped levels of our human potential.

The Quiche Maya say the New World Age will be governed by the 5th element ether, called “akasha” in Sanskrit, meaning sky or space. In the New Cycle to dawn, it is said that “all that has been hidden shall be revealed,” making all known. The collective unconscious shall steadily become illuminated and conscious. This includes ever-deepening telepathic communications amongst each other, with the spiritual dimension, and with the living intelligence and spirit of Earth itself – The Mind of Gaia known as The Noosphere.

As we attune to the voice of Earth’s Noosphere, receiving guidance from the living consciousness of Earth as a sentient member of the Galactic Whole, we can entrain ourselves into deeper states of harmony, learning to re-engineer our human culture to once again find balance with the Great Web of Life. The motto to invoke this Noospheric consciousness is: “I am one with the Earth. The Earth and my self are one mind.”

As is clear to many, we are living through a time of great Paradigm Shifting. The Quiche Maya of Guatemala confirm we are closing a World Age that has been dominated by patriarchal energies and mentalities, and that we are about to formally begin a steady shift into an Era governed by a balance of masculine and feminine energies; uniting mind and heart; logic and intuition; spirit and matter. This crucial re-balancing can bring far-reaching personal and planetary transformation, invoking unfathomably potent dimensions of healing and re-alignment; thus leading us on a collective path of learning how to re-sanctify Life.

Indeed, there is much, much work to be done, on countless levels, to re-balance our humanity, and find a new harmony with our living planet. This is a vast process of de-programming and de-conditioning that is underway as we release the historical shackles of this patriarchal era we are transitioning beyond. As we collectively invoke the forces of redemption and regeneration, we shall be guided as we seek wholeness through integration, elevating our humanity into its deepest purpose to beautify and honor our shared existence.

In this regard, our collective human mentality is undergoing the process of shifting from greed to equality, from competition to cooperation, from separation-based survival to conscious interconnectedness. Far from idealistic concepts, there is a genuine awakening taking place within our human consciousness as we remember and enliven our capacities to manifest life-affirming culture. Obviously at this moment, this paradigm shifting may seem obscured by the “tension of the opposites” that is still in full effect, however this shift is slowly but surely underway.

December 21, 2012 marks both a destination and a starting point; a signal to all willing hearts that the time has come to heed the calls of our ancestors to rise to a new level of service, awareness, and dedication to fulfill our potential as residents on Planet Earth, as she takes her rightful place in a New Cycle of cosmic order.

While many people predict either massive cataclysms or profound miracles to descend on this date, let us not discount, nor distract ourselves from the potent wisdom of attuning to the subtle vibrational shifts and gradual changes that may likely be the nature of this coming reunion with Zero-Point Creation Day, as it initiates our journey into a New Era.

As Mayan Ajq’ij Denise Barrios writes in her essay,
“2012: The Door to Transition:” 

“What is the significance of December 21, 2012? It is the end of a cycle in which a subtle change of energy will take place and allow humankind to enter into a more spiritual vibrational state; one of greater consciousness in which we will re-evaluate our priorities and recapture our intimate connection with nature.

“Some may not even notice this transformation; they may think that December 21 is a day like any other, but a change in energy at the spiritual and sensitive level will take place, and those that are prepared will have no difficulty in recognizing it.”

Simply put, December 21, 2012 can be understood as marking an emergence into our next evolutionary phase. As life unfolds on the other side of this threshold date, we may indeed encounter quantum shifts and rapid positive acceleration, as many valid sources point to. And it is also reasonable to expect gradual transformation that unfolds the more we mature in our receptivity to the new possibilities of living in a New World Age. The ongoing Earth changes, the changes in the Sun, and the multi-layered crises that we collectively face are far from resolved, and will not just disappear on 12.21.12. The journey of learning how to live awake on Planet Earth continues, likely with no lapse in intensity.

Regardless of appearances, there is much cause for celebration and triumphant faith in the synchronistic natural order of positive planetary transformation and the flowering of human consciousness in accord with this Grand Cycle Shifting. Let us participate consciously in honoring, acknowledging, and attuning to our collective return to Zero-Point on December 21, 2012, that it may fortify our hearts with courage and inspiration to fuel us on the mysterious path ahead.

Offers a universal,
open invitation to
All residents of Earth
to participate
in this Grand Day of Peace,
Planetary Graduation Ceremony

No particular beliefs are required.

All that is necessary is to stop business as usual on this day, and affirm a willingness to show up at a new level within our own lives; willing to keep evolving as a member of humanity.

On 12 .21.12 there will be massive positive collective focus
in ceremony, prayer, and meditations for Peace

Countless sacred sites around the globe will be activated; countless indigenous elders will be summoning the ancestors; countless diverse people of all paths will be offering their hearts to unite in this opportunity to end the past cycle and begin anew.

This will be a landmark day as we globally unite intentions, and consciously open ourselves as instruments to receive and transmit the vibration and guidance of a New World Age Cycle as it descends and takes root on Planet Earth through us.

On the Solstice Synchronization Day let us feel and attune to the power of our collective positive presence, in communion with our hearts, unified with the ancestors and the future generations, and synchronized in our collective care for the Earth as a living, evolving system and sentient member of a galactic whole.

A central global focus on Dec 21, 2012 is to “Envision our Positive Future”
by joining in visualizing the “Rainbow Bridge Around Earth

This vision is given to us by José Argüelles who was the Original Messenger to turn the eyes of the world to the prophetic significance of the December 21, 2012 date.

The Rainbow Bridge Around Earth signifies love for our living Earth, care for future generations, and our determination to co-create healing for humanity, elevating ourselves into new frontiers of our human potential.

Transcending all boundaries of nation, culture, race, religion, and belief systems, this image symbolizes unity, unlimited possibilities, triumphant positivity, bright futures, and the miracle of life.

People all around Earth will be visualizing the Rainbow Bridge at the exact moment of Solstice 11:11 AM UTC, utilizing the simple, potent Rainbow Bridge Around Earth Meditation

As we embark on the emergence into a New World Age, this visualization helps us to attune to the Whole Earth, realizing that any boundaries or borders we are accustomed to all fall away, as we really see that we are One Planet turning in space and time, swimming in One Galactic Ocean. This comprehension of our true Oneness is the vital foundation necessary for us to consciously walk on the path of the new era. The intention of this collective visualization is for our global community to open ourselves to new positive realities for our Planet, and open ourselves to unify our hearts and minds with each other, and with the Mind of Earth, so that we may work as One for the highest good of the Whole of Life. The Rainbow invokes the full spectrum of light/information to illuminate our shared journey, and its imagery conjures possibility, magic, and divine benevolence.

If you can’t synchronize at the exact moment of Solstice, simply activate this visualization any time on Dec 21. Many people will be holding a Rainbow Bridge Vigil Dec 19-21, and will be keeping this image concentrated in their hearts and minds.

Beyond 2012
The Journey of Awakening Continues! 

The Rainbow Bridge Around Earth is an emblem of the New World Age,
serving to remind us of our commitment to pioneer new ways to live on Planet Earth, in Harmony.
Let us all keep this image alive in our consciousness, shining brightly in our hearts and homes!


nor is it the end of
The 13-Moon Natural Time Calendar
based on Dr. Argüelles’ work!

Solstice 2012 is the end of a World Age Cycle,
but the sacred calendars continue their role of guiding our path into the New Era!

According to Dr. Argüelles’ pioneering galactic time decodings, the time period between December 22, 2012 and July 25, 2013 is a germination period of the New World Age – an accelerated time of adjustment, integration, and regeneration.

His work indicates July 26, 2013 as initiating “Galactic Synchronization.” 7/26/13 will be the next 13-Moon Natural Time New Year, marking the start of a vast new cycle in which we may finally comprehend ourselves as creative members of a Galactic whole; a consciously unified microcosm – macrocosm… As we continue awakening from our “cosmic amnesia” and realize the immensity of our existence, we can open to new dimensions of our capacities and see from new vistas!


May Our Collective Efforts to Unify on December 21, 2012
Guide us into New Positive Realms
As a Planetary Civilization…
As we Meet this Return to Zero-Point
May Our Conscious Crossing of this Threshold
Assist us to 
Embody the Spirit, Heart and Wisdom
Necessary to Construct a New World Era,
That Its Grace May Steadily Emerge Through our Lives,
Day upon Day upon Day…

To the Journey Beyond a Destination,
Eden Skywalker

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Eden Sky has been consciously focused on the 12.21.12 Synchronization with Zero-Point for the past 18 years. She has made a life-long study of the modern application of the Ancient Maya time-science as brought to Earth by Dr. José Argüelles, and has published annual 13-Moon Natural Time Calendarssince 1995. Eden Sky is also a featured author in the anthology “2013: The Beginning is Here”. Her extensive website offers a vast bounty of Solstice 2012 resources. Eden’s life was changed forever upon encountering the revelatory teachings of Argüelles that affirm TIME IS ART + We are All Planetary Artists Here to Beautify Earth as a Living Work of Art!

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