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The Winter Solstice of 2012 marks the most

prophesized moment in human history.

Mayan cosmologists etched, in stone, the Long-Count Calendar of events of humanity’s evolution. This calendar has provided some of the most accurate predictions known in our history. The Mayans observed the precession of the equinoxes, and foresaw the coming of a celestial alignment of great magnitude. This alignment will happen on the Winter Solstice, December 21, 2012, bringing to conclusion the Mayan Calendar and the Great Year.  The Great Year is a 25,800-year cycle, consisting of 12 Ages of approximately 2,150 years each. The Great Yearis concluding with the end of the Age of Pisces, which is at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.

On this day, our Sun will intersect the Ecliptic (the apparent annual path of the Earth around the Sun), at 0 degrees Capricorn, and align with the Galactic Equator, creating a Cosmic Cross. The Mayans called this cross, the ‘Sacred Tree’ – aka the ‘Tree of Life’.  According to Mayan Mythology, the Sun (Our Father) rises to co-join with the center of the Sacred Tree. The trunk of the tree is the Milky Way, and the main branch intersecting the tree is the Ecliptic.

At the same time, our Sun will enter a stellar canal, known as the Great Rift (aka the Dark Rift) of the Milky Way, near the Galactic Center. According to modern Astronomy, at the center of our Galaxy is a black hole that lies behind a corner of the Great Rift. Mayan shamans perceived the Great Rift as our spiritual connection to the Galactic Core and the Heart of the Universe.  They described the Great Rift as the umbilical cord of the Universe.

I see the Great Rift as a Spiritual Gateway for Humanity and for each of us, as individuals.  On December 21st, as our Solar System enters the Great Rift, it opens a doorway to the possibility of a new reality and a transformed society.  However, this transformation will not happen overnight; it is only the beginning of a new set of energies.

With the completion of the Mayan Calendar, comes an ending to the energies of old ways of being and a birthing of new energies for us to receive and integrate into our lives.

This is the birth of a New Paradigm – a New Way of Being.  We are being called to our next step on our path of personal mastery, on our soul’s journey, to realizing our Enlightenment.

A New Dispensation of Energies is Born

Humanity is in the process of a Great Awakening,
a Shift of the Ages, and the Dawning of a New Era.

We are all a witness to, and an integral part of, the birthing of this New Paradigm. Through an analysis of the celestial alignments at the Solstice, using Modern Western Astrology, we can glean insights into the meanings of this paradigm, and how to benefit most from these energies.  There are many significant aspects and qualities that identify the significance of this moment in history.

In this article, we will describe one of the most profound

alignments happening at this time,

Yod Configuration,

as well as two Mutual Receptions within this Yod.

The Finger of God aka The Yod

The celestial alignments of the Winter Solstice provide a clear perspective of the cosmic energies of the new paradigm that we are entering. One of the most significant alignments is a Finger of God/Yod Configuration, formed by the planets Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. This Yod is extremely rare, because the orbs of exactness of the three Aspects (angular relationships) between these planets are less than one degree. In fact, all three planets are 8 degrees!  Jupiter is 8 degrees 54 minutes in the sign of Gemini; Saturn is 8 degrees 39 minutes in the sign of Scorpio; and Pluto is 8 degrees 56 minutes in the sign of Capricorn.

Yodis a spiritual configuration, involving planets in three areas of the heavens that are in a dynamic relationship with one another. The Planets from two of the points are in a ‘Sextile’ Aspect (approximately 60 degree angle) with each other, and both of these planets are in an ‘Inconjunct’ Aspect (approximately 150-degree angular relationship) with a planet at the third point, creating a celestial arrow in the heavens. This third planet is where the Finger of God is pointing, representing a special, spiritual potential, or mission. The Yod always involves service to the Highest Good for All.

As the mission is realized and expressed, the other two ends of the Yod are activated in support of the mission. When this happens, the celestial energies of the Yod begin to work together in harmony.  We begin to feel unified with others and, eventually, self-actualized in our work.

As part of the New Paradigm that is being birthed on December 21st, this dynamic and profound Yod has unlimited potential for good.  However, if we do not consciously activate the Finger of God, the energies of this Yod will perpetuate out-of-sync experiences.  This will continue, until we let go of control and surrender to the Will of God.

Activation of the Yod

The ‘mission’ of a Yod is the potentiality of the configuration.

The entire configuration of planets is activated when your focus of attention is on the point of the Finger of God.  In this Yod, the Finger of God is pointing to the Planet Jupiter, in the sign of Gemini.  This indicates a special mission, or spiritual potential, that involves philosophy, wisdom, expanding the mind, positive thinking, communication, teaching, travel and/or foreign relations.

Since Jupiter is in the sign of Gemini, you can activate the Yod by focusing your thoughts on the expanded, positive, philosophical meanings of your life.  There is value in every positive philosophical viewpoint.  You may express your helpful ideas through teaching, writing and/or publishing.  An expanded mind is a beautiful thing.

When the mission of this Yod is activated and being expressed, the other two ends of the Yod – Saturn and Pluto – are activated in support of the mission. Saturn represents structure, functionality, commitments, principles, authority and mastery; Pluto represents Source Energy, transformation, purging and healing.

Saturn and Pluto are in a Sextile Aspect (60-degree angle) to each other, and both form Inconjunct Aspects to Jupiter (150-degree angles).

The energies of the Sextile Aspect is helpful, supportive and productive. When Saturn and Pluto work together, Source Energy infuses with physical matter, and profound transformations and miracles are possible!

The energies of these Inconjunct Aspects represent experiences of being philosophically out-of-sync with other people, religious organizations, educational institutions, authorities, governments, and so on. The resolution of these differences may be implemented through a willingness to make adjustments and to consciously choose to be of service for the Higher Good of all.

As individuals, we can activate this Yod by focusing on the area of our lives represented by where 8 degrees of Gemini is located in our personal Natal Charts.For example, if 8 degrees 54 minutes of Gemini falls in your 9th House, you may choose to participate in, or facilitate, a workshop or seminar that supports mental, philosophical and/or spiritual expansion. This may include mental training and/or mastery of mind. It may also involve a foreign culture or travel.

Jupiter in Gemini energy creates abundance, prosperity, expansion and success through ascending thought patterns that may be expressed through Praise, Appreciation and Sacred Love.

Two Mutual Receptions within the Yod Configuration

Cosmic energy flows in patterns that can be observed
through the Planets and Signs.

When a planet is activated, the sign it is in determines the direction the cosmic energy flows. Cosmic energy will flow from the activated planet to the ruling planet of that sign, and activate the ruling planet’s energies. In essence, the Ruling Planet receives the flow of energy that is being directed by its ruling sign.

Jupiter and Mercury are in a Mutual Reception. This is because the Planet Mercury is in the sign of Sagittarius, sending cosmic energy to Sagittarius’s ruling planet, which is Jupiter.  Jupiter is in the sign of Gemini, which sends energy to its ruling planet, which is Mercury. This creates a dynamic cosmic energy generator that sends energy to and from Mercury and Jupiter – imagine an ‘Infinity Symbol’. When Jupiter and Mercury are in active mutual reception, ideas, communications and concepts are stimulated and expanded with unlimited possibilities.

Saturn and Pluto are also in a Mutual Reception.  This is because the Planet Saturn, in the sign of Scorpio, is sending cosmic energy to Scorpio’s ruling planet, which is Pluto.  Pluto, in the sign of Capricorn, is sending energy to Capricorn’s ruling planet, Saturn.  This creates a second dynamic cosmic energy generator that flows to and from Saturn and Pluto that may also be perceived as the ‘Infinity Symbol’. When Saturn and Pluto are in active mutual reception, Source Energy (Pluto) infuses with physical structure (Saturn) and supports miraculous possibilities.

We are the change!

The New Paradigm that is being birthed has unlimited potential for creating miracles that may seem to transcend the laws of physics. We are being given the ability to become a Vibrational Match to the solutions for all of the problems we perceive in the world.

It is up to us, as individuals, to focus our minds on positive possibilities and to be the instruments of change in our world. The Yod Configuration shows us how to do this, and the Mutual Receptions generates the cosmic energy needed to bring everything we desire into manifestation.

“Change the way you look at things,
and the things you look at will change.” – Wayne Dyer

Together, we can bless our world.

May Divine Will be manifested.

Govinda & Janet