Published August 13, 2012

Jennifer HoffmanDepression is something that affects more and more people today. It’s a word we use to describe how we feel when we are sad, listless, unmotivated, restless, and in worse cases, feeling hopeless, powerless, and useless. When we’re depressed it’s hard to get motivated to do anything and we can also be either very teary and emotional or feel dead and lifeless. And it is something more people will experience as we expand our energy fields because the more we become energetically aware and embrace ascension, the greater our risk of being (temporarily) depressed.

Does this mean that if we expand our energy field we risk being depressed? Absolutely, and for several reasons. When we are aware of new levels of energy, which means we have depleted our existing energetic connections, we create two separate energy flows. One flow consists of our own energy and the second flow is the new, higher level of energy. We get depressed  because the higher energy levels compress our energy and make us very aware of its lower vibration. This process literally squeezes any limiting aspects out of us so we can know what they are (like being in a vise or like squeezing toothpaste out of a tube), which is why our life looks so dark and ‘bad’ when we’re depressed. We need to create a connection to the new flow by releasing the things that are lowering our vibration so we can integrate the new energy. The two levels cannot co-exist within us, we have to choose which one we will be at.

As these lower aspects are released we feel them as heavy emotional energy, reminders of our limitations, failures, doubts, confusion and the reality we have at this moment. We are fully aware of everything in our life that isn’t working, doesn’t bring us joy and isn’t very fulfilling. Now we feel stuck and at a standstill—and we are. This is the point where we have to align with the new levels of energy and create the channels to integrate them into our reality so they become our new vibration. If we’re very aware of this process, we open ourselves to new potentials. If not, we get depressed, feel terrible and can travel down a spiral of self judgment and fear that can make us physically and mentally ill.

The reason for depression is that we are no longer energetically aligned and fully connected with our existing energy and vibration. The purpose of depression is to help us become aware of the new energies we can align with. The psychology community defines it as a mind-based issue but it is really energetic. When you feel ‘depressed’, your energy has been compressed and you are fully aware of what can be released to help you align with and integrate the new energies.  Alignment and integration are achieved through intention, awareness, release and grounding. This allows us to connect with new energy and puts us at a higher level of energetic vibration. While it’s happening it can be very uncomfortable and if we remember why it’s happening we can use our depression to release that which doesn’t serve our desire to ascend and prepare ourselves for new and higher vibrating energies to become our new, expanded reality.


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