Looking from the Off Worlders perspective concerning the way humanity is going about contact it is obvious why it has not happened on a global perspective with the benevolent, spiritually and technologically advanced visitors. This includes the ones based on the interior and under the oceans. There have been agreements made with low level ETs and the powers that be that are engaging not only them but other dark forces to continue in the separation, greed, disempowering game. When the majority of the planet is asleep, dumbed down, controlled and does not want to take responsibility for their own awakening, healing and self empowerment mass contact is not an option. The only way mass contact can come is if the majority of the people are ready for it. If you build the consciousness and maintain the environment they will come. This does not mean contact is not happening, it is. It is happening on a much grander scale than one would imagine yet; even the UFO
community censors it.

The UFO community is filled with arrogance, ignorance and ill intent or controlled disinformation. It is in opposition to the very goals upon which; it professes to be working towards. Reason this, if you are going to contact a benevolent, spiritually and technologically advanced off world race would it not be wise to strive to become benevolent, spiritually advanced yourself? Why contact a bunch of ego driven, competitive people who cannot even get along with each other even though they profess to have the same goals? Another point to consider is the background and past of the major UFO outlets of information. How many come from military backgrounds, have a past in military intelligence? Could they just be information gatherers, control valves to regulate or shut off the fact that contact is happening now with important information? I find it very suspicious when the Navy is the main funder of the black projects, our own space fleet, trips to the Moon and Mars with exotic back engineered technology yet many talk show hosts and conference coordinators have X military intelligence back grounds. Figure it out yet? They have their hand on the valve of information concerning UFOs. There are some courageous souls with military backgrounds in the field of ufology; which have maintained a high degree of integrity and are not happy with the deception. To them I tip my hat. Another point is I often wonder why people are demanding the government to disclose, why does truth depend upon people with a long track record of lying and twisting the truth? How can you believe anything they have to say? The last point is keeping it in the past, far away, ambiguous are also tools used to cover up the obvious. Contact is happening NOW. Do your own research, initiate your own contact and rise to the occasion.

Now do you see why ECETI is not mentioned or allowed to speak at major UFO conferences, events or censored off many major shows that cover UFOs. Could it be we are too close to the truth, know too much, have to much evidence despite the armchair investigators and shoddy debunkers some of which come up spend an hour then leave thinking in all their arrogance the UFOs would overlook their attitudes and closed minds. These off worlders know your thoughts, your frequency, are full aware of who you are, your intentions etc. There is no purposeful good in contacting these people, they are just left in their own ignorance. You have to have an open mind, loving heart and pure intent for contact. If they are going to reveal themselves to you there has to be purposeful good in the contact. They will not trespass on your free will or your beliefs in other words you have to set the intention, rise to the occasion, do the work. There are low level contacts, even what some would call demonic entities yet if that is all you focus on and are living in fear, if that is what is made available to you and you are programmed to see everything as negative again there is no purposeful good in benevolent advanced Off Worlders contacting you. The point I am making is if these UFO communities are not rising to the occasion, are perpetuating fear, negativity, are divided competitive and filled with disinformation why would any self respecting benevolent Off Worlder want to have anything to do with them. It is all about consciousness, creating a place of peace, harmony, a spirit of cooperation in which I dare say seems to be a major challenge for the UFO community. I do not know the exact reasons why various groups and individuals are censoring ongoing contact yet I do know it is being censored on a very big scale. Some call themselves light workers, profess to be spiritual with a high degree of integrity and wise yet their actions speak much louder than their words. Some are just manufactured by the media machine as long as they play ball and stay within the goals of the powers that were they can continue. There is a saying Messiahs die young. Most of the world in not ready for the truth, have the courage to demand the truth nor will they stand up for truth. They are too busy chasing manufactured avatars to tell them the truth. Something to contemplate.
James Gilliland www.eceti.org www.bbsradio.com www.worldpuja.net