I found this article in their newsletter so apropos for what is being discussed amongst our groups these days….read on.-A.M.

June 2013
Well at last we have some warmth and sunshine here in the UK. Its as if somebody switched the lights back on!
The weather weirdness all over the planet has however, resulted in hardships for many. My prayers and love go to all those who may be affected by the floods, tornadoes, and severe storms in other parts of the planet.dark_energy2I was trying to find a way to describe the way the energies have been/are at the moment and its been tough to pin down the words! A few really good descriptors came up in a discussion with fellow diamond teacher/practitioner Ann Menzies Blythe which helped to consolidate things! So, here’s what we’ve been experiencing :

– choppy
– chaotic
– things/events surge ahead & then stop dead
– feeling vitalised and energetic & then ‘can’t lift an arm’ tired all in the space of a couple of hours.
– inspired and clear with loads of new ideas followed by total blank slate periods where you can’t recall what you were so excited about!
– being deeply connected to Spirit/HIgher Self and then feeling as if someone just pulled the plug
– Restless & can’t sit still for too long vs can’t get going
– flexing time (stretching and contracting)
– lots of distractions from things that need to be taken care of in that moment
– strange allergies and skin ailments
– food binges & then days when you just forget or don’t need to eat.
– internal but very localised patches of heat (this is very often experienced when kundalini is clearing through energy blocks & it is the time of year when the cycle is in an active phase).
– periods of deep inner stillness, knowing and trust
– times where everything seems completely surreal & you wonder just where you are or which timeline you are on!

I think there were a couple more, but I’ve forgotten them already! I’ve had a few reports from others too who have fond it difficult at times to connect with clients in ‘remote’ healing sessions – it is as if there’s a block there, or we can’t get through the grids.

Good news is you haven’t lost the plot! Where we are with all of this (& this ‘dropped in’ during a moment of clarity today) is undergoing a powerful synchronsation to our multidimensional selves. Periods of expansion interspersed with integration as our nervous systems adjust to the surges. Every now and again I swear it sounds as if there is an engine trying to turn over & it hasn’t quite caught hold yet. There isn’t yet enough gas (new energy) to get it to run smoothly (check out my car story below as this was a wionderful analogy!)

But it is definitely on the way!!

We really are straddling two worlds & who could really have known what this would feel like?!! Of course, not everyone is experiencing this at the moment, and those who are, are doing so with varying degrees of intensity depending on the ‘personal’ wiring and life purpose.

Get ready, as this month we have yet more surges helped along by astrological alignments. The surges are building in strength and intensity that’s for sure & by the end of June it would appear that things will begin running more smoothly – and in very positive directions.

I am reminded of an experience from 2 years ago, when I was visiting the same Ann mentioned above. Sitting chatting in the kitchen, we were both struck at the same time by a huge influx of high frequency energy along with intense electrical surges in parts of the brain. We immediately sat down to tune into what was happening and found 2 very tall humanoid beings were with us in the room. One of the beings held out his hands and cupped in them was a miniature earth with red ribbon around it and tied in a bow. I was given a simple message which was, “It won’t be long know until you see and know what this (journey) has all been about”. That was it & then the energy ‘dropped’.

Whenever I find myself looking at the external world and despairing that things appear to be shifting very slowly, I recall that vision and know that all will be well. The energies are building to take us in the right direction.

(Out of interest, I have recently discovered I was born on a GAP day and my overall purpose is to be a ‘cosmic conduit’, linking higher mind with the heart. Having this enhanced ‘comsic’ connection often lends itself to mystical and weird experiences. (see my referral to Mayankin and the oracle readings further down))

So, whatever you are doing this month, allow yourself to be open to the fullness and Truth of who you really are, no matter where that may lead! Experience that Truth as the surges come, know it and also know that all is moving along and opening up dimensions of ourselves we never dreamed of.

Resistance really is futile!!!

I thank you for being on the journey with me and as always send much love from the diamond heart.
Julie x