Posted: 02 Sep 2013 05:00 AM PDT

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A POSSIBLE UFO sighting has been reported, involving mysterious red and orange lights in the skies over Dorking.

A town resident named only as Aaron reported seeing the lights – which did not move in the same way as regular aircraft – as he walked towards Box Hill at 10.15pm on Thursday August 29).

He wrote: “I was walking to my girlfriend’s house like I do every night around this time. This is my first ever experience of seeing a UFO.

“I was looking from Dorking towards Box Hill. I saw three bright orange lights in a perfect row which stood out to me in the clear night sky as they where bigger than your average bright object in the night sky.

“There were smaller red lights between the orange which pulsed along and with what looked like a blurry outline of a triangle surrounding these lights.

“After viewing it for around a minute it had not moved at all, whereas all other planes in the night sky were moving around.

“I then saw two low-flying what looked like air force planes fly towards the lights. As they approached, the craft seemed to get distant without actually moving in any direction. So it either flew exactly away from me or slowly cloaked itself.”