By Hans Grasholm, 5-Jan-2003

“Chariots of the Gods”, Erich Von Daniken couldn’t have said it more clearly. I have always been a hard core realist: if there is no proof, if you can’t measure it or there is no mathematical formula; it just doesn’t exist. That has always been my opinion about FLYING SAUCERS and GOD.

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Then, Erich Von Daniken opened A WHOLE NEW REALITY, something I could accept, that made sense, and the proof was in the scriptures. The strange thing about it was that as I studied flying saucers, I realized that I had already had three sightings as a child, but did not know what I was looking at then. If God is driving a flying saucer, there has to be a reason why they gave us religion. 

I have studied all religions for the past 30 years, and it has led me to more than one enormous conclusion.  Man was not smart enough to write any of the religions, and I mean the Eastern Spiritualism (the-self), Western Religions (God, – which I always have referred to as the “Extraterrestrial”) or American Creationism (Nature itself, including man). One of the oldest religious text “The Egyptian Book of the Dead” (1*) dates back more than 3000 BC. When writing was invented and the scribes and artists first  wrote down what the priests had used in their prayers and litanies, they were very perplexed and hardly understood the text. What I am getting at is that all religions were not composed by humans at the time they were created. And even the Bible is very specific in that:  2 Tim. 3:16  “ALL scripture is inspired by God…,” the key word here is ’inspired’, irrespective of who wrote it down. SO WHO INSPIRED THE PROPHETS?

That brings me to the next question. If there is a God, why would there not be just ONE book, ONE religion, and ONE clear answer to all human questions?  Just look at the Bible; it is written in such a way that it can be interpreted a dozen different ways, and if you do not know how to THINK, you read the Bible literally: Mt 13:13-15 “This is why I speak to them in parables, because   -”. I have the impression that it was purposely written in this manner to create as much division as possible among humans. And with great success;  how many wars has the world seen, how many people have died?; all in the name of God or religion.

So with all the different religions and every religion with hidden meanings and parables to confuse anybody, I asked myself, “is it all hocus-pocus; – what if there is no God; – then, who would be the God that inspired the scriptures?  How would Aliens fit into the picture, and why?  After all, there is vivid description of flying spaceships in the Bible; just read the book of Ezekiel in the Old Testament (See accompanying excerpt). YES, spaceships have been around for thousands of years.

I have a few mottoes to go by: ’There is a reason for everything in this world”, – “How I phrase the question is very important”, – and, “Don’t ever lie to yourself’. Before I tell you some of my ideas about Aliens, you better understand my concept about them (the Aliens) and remember, I have no proof that my ideas are right. These are not facts, it is not fiction either, it is an OPINION based on all the UFO reports and MY interpretation of all the religions.

Civilizations from other worlds have visited our world for thousand of years. They are mentioned in mythology and scriptures from EVERY Continent.

They are all friendly Aliens; if they wanted to take over this world, they would have done so before humans invented weapons.

I suspect there are a multitude of Alien civilizations visiting this Earth based on the variety of space vehicles being reported.

The Aliens could have experimented with apes and changed their genes some million years back and produced the Human Race. Take heed you creationist and evolutionist, there is a third possibility, you could both be right. And it is quite obvious that the Aliens are still experimenting with the human race because of all the abduction reports.

The Aliens transverse the heavens in huge, self-contained mother ships, ships big enough to recycle liquid, gas (air), food, and enough power to run for centuries, or at least be able to mine the fuel  from asteroids or other worlds. The mother ship is so huge that they are unable to park it on a planet and shut-down the antigravity; it will collapse under its own weight. For them to shut down the power they have to park the ship in an orbit to keep it weightless. Of course, with the mother ship come all sort of scout, work- and exploratory vehicles, which are the ones we usually see flying around our landscape. The crew of the mother ship has to be fairly large and I can imagine them to sign on for most of their life. Even traveling at the speed of light, to explore space within 25 light-years of your own world will take a long time.

These Aliens would truly be God’s to us humans. Their civilizations could be millions of years old,  they know exactly how this macrocosm works. They might have seen other worlds come and go, (destroy themselves). They know the evolutionary steps cognition has to go through, and that is the crucial point for the Aliens, they want to protect our beautiful Universe from harm. After all, when you have become God, you don’t want to see your world being destroyed. And that brings us to the crux of religion.

As an Alien, you don’t come to Earth very often but you like to keep track of the evolution on the planet when you fly by. That is especially true when you have a race (humanity) that show form of intelligence and have developed speech. And any evolving cognizance go through certain steps in their evolution, and at what point in their development is the human race. Is there some kind of barometer that will measure cognition?  YES, what better way than to give them religion, and the more the better. With religion, you have intellectual concepts, abstract ideas which is totally emotional. And as long as we humans can’t see beyond our own nose, we will be in a perpetual battle on whose religion is the right one, or the best. “I worship the only true God”, – “my religion is better than yours”, – “I worship Creation itself”, – “the Self is the Way”.  You fly by our Earth once; seeing all the different temples and all the killing and wars going on, any Alien realizes very fast how primitive humanity is. We (us humans) have no respect for life, ideas, other races and cultures, we are not masters of our emotions. Unable to govern ourselves, the Aliens have absolutely no wish to show themselves openly, we could emotionally not acknowledge another species.

And that brings me to my final point; with us humans pointing a cannon at anything different from ourselves, the Aliens will not allow us to transverse the Universe. We have an idea of how the atom works, and if we ever develop spaceships using antigravity, they do not want us to explore space pointing a cannon at everything alien to us, especially if we don’t master our emotions.

This article came about because of a story I read in UFO*BC (2*) in which three people were abducted.  Tom, one of the humans abducted, asked the Aliens “ What is the true religion on earth?” to which the Alien answered, “There is no correct religion on earth”. So after all is said, what is the purpose of religions? As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, we have four major religions. One about God, another about Creation itself, one about Self, and one about the afterlife, covering more or less all aspects of the universe. If you want to be spiritual, why limit yourself to only a small part of religion. In order to become God, (in a spiritual term) you have to understand all the religions, no one is the correct one, you have to take them all on an equal term. Then, when you understand, when you become master of your self and your emotions, then you are at our next step in human evolution: Peace and Creativity, you become God, the Bible even says so. 

Only then will the (God’s) – Aliens reveal themselves.

Footnote: Crop Formations; is that the Aliens newest form of barometer? It used to be plain Crop Circle, but the official scientific explanation was so fictional that it sometimes bordered on stupidity, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. The Aliens were probably wondering how primitive the humans were, so they improved their design and gave us Alien Graffiti, crop formations that could not possibly be made in any natural way. Now the official voices have become quiet and at the same time try to tell us they are man made. The Aliens are trying to tell us they are here, but nobody has the guts to come out and say “Yes, we know you are here, talk to us”. 

Since the Aliens are so well informed about our reaction to their sightings, I don’t think they are just flying by any more, they are probably here permanently.

Why look for intelligence in outer space, try to find it here on Earth.

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