Different Eras on Earth: Past lives & Lost Civilizations | Gigi Young

Feb 6, 2018

Earth has had many different eras in which there were actually different harmonics than what we experience now. These unique harmonic environments can differ so much that as we look back within the Akashic records (or library of the cosmos) they could feel like a completely different planet. Each specific harmonic creates a certain perspective and experience for the soul to incarnate into. We cycle through these eras to advance our soul. Even though the era changes the overall archetypes will remain the same but with different focus’ and explorations. For example, one element of society become may become very important and is fully explored (such as matriarchy or patriarchy). After this particular set of archetypes is explored through many series of ascension cycles and de-scension cycles a new era encompassing evolved archetypes will cycle in.