icon_alertWe are now seeing the effects of the New World! The Dark energies of the Old World are grasping for any kind of foothold possible.  They are trying to thwart our efforts but because of all of us combining our light energy, they are losing.  I speak with JT regularly; he is optimistic, positive and looking forward to starting fresh and new.
He realizes in the face of what happened to him and our office, that it was a necessary experience to bring us to zero and start off in the New World by releasing all the Old World energy attached to our previous endeavors.  This is not a “bad” thing or a negative experience.  All experiences are necessary for spiritual growth and learning.
As we move forward a few key points are very important.  The most important being UNITY!  A lot of members are having trouble with gaining peace from the law enforcement and judicial system as well as the banking structures.  They KNOW who we are, but they are being instructed by what’s left of the Dark to disregard us.  This isn’t always the case although it seems to be heavy in certain areas of the country and the world. 
We must begin functioning together meaning sending out tons of notices.  They believe we are many but they think we are few in unity within Diving Province.  It is crucial we stop waiting for someone else to do our work and we begin to take matters into our own hands by sending out hundreds of thousands of notices thus letting them know, we ARE unified and we will be divided no longer!
James Thomas McBride has given us the most powerful tools that we need for this task.  You each have received the documents the day you signed up an populated them on our site.  I talk to members who have not sent more than a handful out…this will NOT work.  We must collectively send out hundreds!  It is this type of energy that will accelerate our goal of true freedom.  If you sit on the couch and complain that someone else should be doing it for you, then you will most likely be choosing your seat to stay in the old world.  That is what got us in this mess in the first place…complacency, laziness, and lack of responsibility.  It’s time we take a stand for ourselves and change within to effect change without!

Get with fellow freedom people and invite them to a webinar call or ask them to view the Detroit commercials, videos and website all at www.idonotconsent.me.  Get them excited and build a mailing team.

We realize finances are tight.  We are experiencing a crucial financial down slope here at the DP office because of the recent raid by the Dark.  We currently have enough funds to barely make it another month or so.  We ask that all members who can afford to donate to please do so at www.idonotconsent.me .  If every member donates just$10, we will be able to continue our efforts without interruption.  We ask that you all support one another with your mailing costs as well.  The Divine Province always tries to be as light as possible with what we charge for docs, membership, seminars, etc. because we dump this all back into DP.

We do not have a hidden trust account to function with.  We are strapped to the same economic system everyone else is which is why it is so important that we stand together in UNITY to change it.  We do not spend the membership’s money for personal gain.  It costs quite a bit to keep the website up and to continue printing and sending out documents as well as other costs of operation.  James Thomas doesn’t even have a home or bed to call his own yet he is dedicated to serving humanity without complaint.  We realize that we are all ONE spirit and we honor each and everyone of you!  Please, if you can afford any small amount, it will be a great help to keeping us above water.  We feel this slight downturn will be brief with the revalue of the foreign currencies looming.

We expect JT to be released when the 30 day holding time is up in the State of Ohio.  That will be next Thursday.  Please send your light to JT for his release that day!
Thank you all! 
Peace love and light,
Robert Michael Marques

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