2013 August 29


By Fred F. Hollingsworth, Ph.D. 

A Book Review by Dr. Morton Walker 

Dr. Fred blows the lid off the health care scandal – the crime of the century with far more victims (believe it or not) than resulted from the terrible Nazi Holocaust.

Tens of millions of people have watched dear loved ones suffer ill health and die miserable deaths long before reaching old age. Meanwhile many lifesaving therapies and products have been suppressed. A few examples include:

 Infections can be eliminated inexpensively and effectively without the use of antibiotics. Cardiovascular health can usually be restored without dangerous and expensive surgery. Dozens of effective inexpensive cancer cures are known.  Type I (Juvenile Onset) Diabetes M. can be overcome without insulin. Alzheimer’s disease can even be reversed inexpensively.

Furthermore, Dr. Fred exposes several popular false beliefs, concerning health and nutrition, which have contributed to people’s poor health and early death.

Learn who is responsible for this outrageous and intolerable situation and how tyranny has been used to repress freedom and prevent these inexpensive and unprofitable lifesaving treatments from being used by mainstream medicine.

Become aware of how government leaders attempt to address these problems while they appear not to know that government itself is the cause.

Armed with the health and political information in this book, the reader should gain an opportunity to live a longer and more productive life free of pain and illness while spending little for healthcare and, thus, also help to prevent countless numbers of devastating government and private bankruptcies.                     

All of this and much more is explained in this 340-page easy-to-read must read book which presents a plan for far more effective healthcare at much less cost. It is available at WWW.Createspace.com/3618670  at $18.95 plus shipping. Reorders are $12.95.