Invasion of the MOTUs! (Or the 0.0000001%)

Published May 16, 2012 | By drgreer

Dr. Steven GreerHollywood and the pop culture is enthralled with the idea of ” Alien Invasion” . But why would they bother?

There are billions of planets with life, water and minerals in the cosmos- why invade one that has billions of people warring over ideologies and armed with thousands of thermonuclear weapons?!

The truth is ET civilizations are concerned with our hostility and potential threat to the cosmos- not the other way around.

There is a proven track record of humans killing hundreds of millions of our own people- and now classified programs have not only nuclear weapons, but so-called scalar or longitudinal electromagnetic weapons that go faster than the speed of light. And they have been used to track and target ET craft.

The secret world of real power (not in Congress or the White House) is the domain of the Masters of the Universe- MOTUs- who crave absolute power and control above all things.

Money is only a symbol and means to project that power.

And as Henry Kissinger said- and he would know- Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

There is much talk about the 1%, and that is fine. But the real problem is with the 0.0000001% – the 200-300 people and families and their corporations that now control over 50% of the net worth of the entire world.

This military/industrial/laboratory/corporate/financial/energy complex is the tail wagging the dog of Washington DC and every other world capitol – and it is  unlikely that the politicians are going to bite the hand that feeds them.

The reason UFO secrecy and the National Security State are so intertwined is that these MOTUs simply cannot acknowledge that UFOs are real without opening the lid on the pandora’s box of advanced energy, propulsion and physics that would make big oil, king coal and nuclear power completely obsolete. For the word UFO is merely an obfuscating way to say New Physics.  They are not Unidentified, they do not “Fly” in any conventional aerodynamic manner- but they are Objects. Some UFO sightings are of ET craft. But many- perhaps most- are of manmade anti-gravity devices that have been in development since the 1940s.

So here is the $500 trillion dilemma:  If the MOTUs and their lackeys in the media allow the masses to know this, the people will demand that they be released from the macro-economic slavery in which they find themselves. And then the relative control and power possessed by these MOTUs will be dispersed to- well, the people!

Imagine every village in India, Latin America and Asia with an energy device that allows the extraction of energy from the zero point energy field, quantum vacuum or Dirac sea- or whatever you wish to call it.  The entire world would blossom- but organically, without pollution and poverty- and without the centralized control of the petrodollar system, Big Oil, centralized utilities – without the MOTUs!

So the world is being consumed and invaded not by “Aliens” but by these sociopaths, by the misanthropic proclivities of the MOTUs.

As I said to the senior officers at Wright-Patterson Air Force some years ago,  IF the ETs wanted to take the earth, it would have all been over around 1945 when we detonated the first A-bomb. For if you can travel faster than the speed of light, you could easily take over our little corner of the cosmos. But the ET’s have no interest, intent or need to do so. It is utter nonsense. All they need from us is our peace and cooperation.

So don’t worry about the ETs: Hollywood, the CIA and Lockheed Martin may want you to fear them. They may soon even launch a false flag operation “proving” we should fear them. But in reality it is the MOTUs who have invaded the world, corrupted Washington, ruthlessly enforced UFO secrecy and hidden the truth about these earth-saving new energy and propulsion technologies.

By all of us pulling together, disclosing the truth and bringing forth these new sciences, we can create a new civilization on earth. The MOTUs only rule by deception, corruption, ruthlessness and the apathy and complicity of the masses. But once we awaken globally, it is a new day indeed.

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