On Oct. 24, UN Day, a Multi-Nations Mothership WILL Hover Below 2000′ Over Cleveland for four days. On the 27th, Star Nations Envoys will come down and walk in Cleveland’s Public Square and greet Humans, before returning home.
dr. richard boylan Starting this United Nations Day (Oct. 24) and for three more days, a Star Nations Mothership will hover low over Cleveland, OH’s Public Square.
That mothership will be quite large: about 2 miles long (3.2 km) and 8/10 mile wide (1.3 km).
On Sunday Oct. 27, Estican Councillor Xleria and her sister, Variant Altimarian Councillor Isis and her cousin, and Procyon-B Envoy Eve and her husband will get out of the mothership to walk in Cleveland’s Public Square and meet and greet Humans,
As Star Nations Ambassador (Councillor) on Earth, I will be there to receive and officially welcome to Earth the honorable Star Nations envoys.
I trust that Cleveland Mayor Frank G. Jackson will join me in welcoming the Star Nations delegates to his city.
What will make this event outstanding in modern history will be the first public appearance of Star Visitors on the streets of a metropolitan city.
And by Oct. 24, the American public will have gotten sufficiently used to the notion of Star Persons in contact with Earth that they will generally be able to adopt a welcoming attitude toward the Estican, Variant Altimarian, and Procyon-B envoys walking around in broad daylight.
Will it not be a grand day when a Star Visitor can walk the streets of Cleveland (or any other city for that matter) and go up to people and meet them without fear of a hostile reception?
What makes Oct. 24-27 event extra-special is that it will signify that the American public had grown up, cast aside the false fear of “alien invaders” which the Cabal had been pounding into their heads for decades, and accepted a cosmic view of reality: that there are many intelligent races out there, they are highly civilized, and some even come to visit.
And to think that such a public visit is only a few months away!
A drawing of a woman Estican is at: www.drboylan.com/StarVisitorPictures/mantoidesticanblkwht.jpg
A photo of Variant Altimarian Councillor Isis may be viewed at: www.drboylan.com/StarVisitorPictures/amocoet.jpg
You can see a photo which a U.S. Marine woman photographer took of Eve, at: www.drboylan.com/StarVisitorPictures/eveinsierramadreoccidentalmx13.jpg
A Postscript:

Hopefully the situation by Fall, 2013 will be radically different than today’s situation.
Hopefully by then Americans (and other peoples of the world) will have been told authoritatively by their governments, as well as by the United Nations leaders, that:
1) Star Visitors are real;
2) Star Visitors have made contact with various governments’ leaders and communicated with them;
3) that all the star races who visit Earth are of advanced civilizations who prize peace and friendly relations,
4) that Earth is protected by Star Nations from any possible harassment by any random rogue person from a uncivilized star society who should attempt to infiltrate Earth, and
5) that most if not all member countries of the United Nations will have by then signed a UN Treaty of Peace and Friendship with Star Nations.
Hopefully by this October it will therefore be quite clear to the people of Earth that all the Cabal propaganda about “evil mean space invaders” is utter rubbish, and thus there would be NONE, zero public support for any Cabal attempt to mount an armed assault on any Star Nations craft.
If the Cabal should attempt a rogue assault against a Star Nations craft with its vastly superior defensive technology, the prospect of such a failed attack would only make more clear in the public mind that the Cabal are criminal warmongers and trying to mess up peaceful interstellar relations.
In such Cabal-attack circumstances, the United Nations Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command’s ‘Solar Warden’ Space Fleet have official standing authorization by me to engage and disable any rogue Cabal antigravity fighter craft. The Solar Warden Space Fleet would make short work of such Cabal gizmos.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor of/for Earth

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC
Diamond Springs, California 95619-1009, USA

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