Young stars sculpt gas with powerful outflows“This is photographs of galaxies clusters. Can you imagine billions of galaxies galaxies? Billion stars in every galaxy. But what we see and what can be measured looks big but it’s just 4% of all there is.Now we are right here (laughter). So question is, how many, how much of this 90% is there?

How much is dark energy and dark matter do you think is on the Earth? not 96% exactly alike which means the science which exists on now yours is able to measure only 4% what is happening on our earth. Now here’s key point. So dark matter is invisible to more of the unscientific equipment.

It means that it does not interact with electromagnetic field. Dark energy is undetectable by scientific equipment. What does it mean? It doesn’t interact directly with electrically-charged particles, electron ions which used in scientific equipment. What dark matter consists of, according to scientific view for right now, it consists of Subatomic particles.

What does mean subatomic? It’s beyond atoms, right? Smaller than atoms. But what is that? They don’t know. We just know that it consists of this so-called subatomic particles with unknown functions. In other words, the world of dark matter is subatomic world. But we need, since we are working with that immeasurable energy.

We need somehow to find out how can deal with it, how we can investigate it. This immeasurable part of the universe. And of course the investigation is absolutely needed to understand how this immeasurable part of the affects us… I already spoke about in my previous lecture. So I just briefly will remind, that experiments conducted in compliance with the rigorous methodology of modern science allows us to make following conclusion.

It means the subtle energy acts and belongs to the world of subatomic particles, in other words, that dark matter, which is 96% of the universe.”