Apparently, Drake and company have moved to a new home website location, http://americannationalmilitia.com/

Also, he has a new radio show location, Global Voice Radio Network.

Yesterday’s, 6-3-12, mp3s of which are below.
There was quite a bit of news in Part 1, and some in part 2.
All of the other mp3s were volume adjusted, and the opening 1:30 in the show is from the introduction.
His main site currently is the site from which you may receive email updates when the “green light” is given.
There will be another show on Wednesday, 6-6-12
MP3s (each part, 30 min., 5 MB) (volume leveled)
Part 1  http://www.spirit.kauwila.net/wordpress_kauilapele/120603_Drake_GVR_pt1_24.mp3
Part 2  http://www.spirit.kauwila.net/wordpress_kauilapele/120603_Drake_GVR_pt2_24.mp3
Complete show (Parts 1 2, 56 min., 10 MB) http://www.spirit.kauwila.net/wordpress_kauilapele/120603_Drake_GVR_complete_24.mp3
Preliminary piece (unedited, with interruptions etc.)  http://www.spirit.kauwila.net/wordpress_kauilapele/120603_Drake_GVR_prelim_24.mp3
Radio Show Links:
Global Voice Radio Network: http://www.spreaker.com/user/4664624

Current show (6-3-12):http://www.spreaker.com/user/4664624/welcome_drake_and_company

Drake’s recommended sites:
(this is Drake’s new home website; sign up and get auto email when green light is given)