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Download the newest interview with Drake from April 29th, 2012, from Wolf Spirit Radio. It’s in 5 parts, from April 29th. There is some disturbing (to me, anyway!) info included. Some parts are distorted and there were some weird technical difficulties in this much appreciated update. My favorite part was near the end when Drake alluded to arrests beginning before June.


Also, David Wilcock has posted an update at, about arrest warrants that have been issued against the international branches of the Federal Reserve. It looks like David’s schedule is pretty full for the next few weeks, so (I am guessing) this may be the last post for awhile.

I appreciate that David added this about the law used in filing the liens against the 12 Federal Reserve Banks, as I was unsure if it was commercial or common law that was used. Turns out it was neither:

These new liens were filed within the Admiralty Law system, which is extremely complicated and mysterious.

Like other aspects of this story, the Admiralty Law system has been kept almost entirely secret from the public — including law schools — but the information is available if you know where to look.

David also recently interviewed an Admiralty Law expert named Winston Shrout linked below.

Basically, the liens filed are the equivalent to legal arrest warrants for all of the Fed conspirators.

David goes on to make a point that many of us have heard, I’m sure:

People have said to me, “It’s all well and good that liens are filed, but they are meaningless unless they can be enforced.”

True enough.

That’s where the good guys at the Pentagon come in. According to Drake and David Wilcock, they are ready, willing and able to use the liens as the legal platform to back up the mass arrests.

This bit is true but painful to admit. It is regarding why people refuse to believe what is happening is real:

NK: What they do not realize is that their worldview was created for them by the media, the educational system and the governmental “authorities.”

All of these “authorities” have been thoroughly infiltrated and co-opted by the Federal Reserve.


NK: They have been taught to buy, buy, buy – believing that products will make them happy. All the while, these products are really just a crutch that they use, like a drug addict, to avoid facing the desperate truth of their circumstances.

The “Wizard of Oz” analogy is very accurate, David. The lie is so vast, so all-encompassing, that everything we thought we know about the world is an illusion – and there really is a “Man Behind the Curtain.”

David urges those of us who want the info regarding the logic behind these liens, to listen to his interview with Winston Shrout.

I for one will absolutely be listening to it.

Drake stated in the interview that when he is given the green light, it will appear on

Deatra made it clear that there is no mailing list to notify everyone when they are given the “green light”, but that select media outlets will be notified. There was no list of these media outlets given on the call (not that I heard anyway).

I am not sure why and have not set up simple autoresponders for people to subscribe to?

I haven’t because of this which I felt was coming, and so cannot take on even a small $20 extra expense. If more donations than I need to maintain this site come in, I will set one up though.

Here’s hoping that things are solidified enough for some sort of measurable actions to begin in May.

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