***There was an audio interruption at the end of the show and the only audio link for download is the last 7 minutes left of the show.  I hope they upload the 2 hour audio program as it had many important discussions including heated debates from Kelly of www.truthfindersnetwork.com***

Drake wants “the people” to vote on a proposal as to how the Dark Cabal/Banking Families need to surrender and on what terms.  What is our demands? Options are to have an all-out war of violence in taking out the banking families or should we negotiate with the dark cabal to transition into a peaceful new way of freedom.

Do you (the people) want all-out war?  If so the Civilian Military will be fighting the mercenaries and loyalist of the Dark Cabal/Bankers.  It is estimated that 2/3 of both sides of the fight would be dead or wounded.  Both sides want to transition without war or violence. A proposal needs to be written so that a peaceful transition can occur.
Three (3) principals are involved in this new proposal
  1. We The People
  2. Collateral Accounts Representatives
  3. Banking Families/Dark Cabal
Banking families want to surrender but nothing is in writing.  Banking families and the Civilian Military leaders want to know what “the people” want.  What would the people except as a surrender.
The Proposal will be open for everyone to vote on about the transition to freedom. Lady Dragon will post a link to a poll on her website www.ladydragon.com . The link will be open June 7th at 12:00pm and will close on Saturday June 9th at 12:00pm.  Drake will take the data collected and present it to the Civilian Military and the Banking Families.  The proposal will be discussed among those who are at the top of the power structures from both sides. Results of votes will be sent to the Banking Families to show them what the people want. Drake: There will still be adjudications for those who committed crimes. Tuesday is the latest we should hear a response about how the banking families react to the proposal.
NESARA = Financial Freedom and Debt Forgiveness
  • Taxes & The Federal Income Tax eliminated and to be replaced with “User Fees”
  • Release of Advanced Technologies
  • Collateral Accounts would be used to set up manufacturing facilities for development of Free Energy technologies which would help create jobs and introduce energy independence
  • IRS Eliminated
Go back to the 1787 Constitution with the original 13th Amendment
Government and the Federal Reserve can no longer print money
Neil Keenan Lawsuit – Neil is thinking about withdrawing lawsuit and then refilling the liens against the Federal Reserve with additional backing by major countries and secret societies.
Drake knows about the frustration of waiting that people are feeling.
600-800 patents have been confiscated and hidden by the Federal Government
5% unemployment after the Collateral Accounts are released which can be used to build MFG facilities
Drake: Can you imagine being free in a month or sooner?
1.2 Trillion Dollars is the real national debt of the nation. The rest is of the debt is by banks and the USA Corporation.
There is technology that allows for the regeneration of severed limbs. The medical technology can regrow arms, legs, hands, and other appendages.
Free energy technologies for homes and cars.
After the changes there will be very little government left.
Drake wants this proposal to help with a peaceful transition.
Minute Man: Agrees with a proposal to help facilitate a peaceful transition. “I see an opportunity for new freedom.” Tired of fighting and don’t want to worry about my children and grandchildren.
Much more was discussed but this is the best I can do from the first round of listening live on air broadcast.

These Notes written by enerchi of http://www.ascensionwithearth.com/White_Knight

See Below for Additional Notes from Jim of http://src-fla.us

*  I Missed first 15 minutes.  Live now; site keeps going down.
*  Using New Link Above at 23 minute mark.  I will restate from tape tomorrow.
*  We need to go to local rule.
*  Neil Keenan is considering refiling his lawsuit and having other countries
file with him.
*  The banks are looking to surrender.
*  Drake suggests we make an offer to the military??
*  This is an open proposal to the people, bankers and military:  Military – Stand down;
Banks stay open.
*  He will set up a site where all can go to vote.
* [sounds like open negotiation time; nothing has been agreed upon]
*  Voting from tomorrow until noon Saturday.
*  Actual National debt is 1.3 Trillion; rest is bankers’ debt.
*  [Drake indicates that Keenan will refile and that a proposal will be made to the military
to stand down.  If he is real, sounds like everything has crashed and we are
back to square one as far as legalities.]
*  Voting Site:  ladydragon.com , then go to page titled “Drake”. 
Voting page to be up by noon Thursday.  Results to be sent to the key players.
*  Lost connection past 3 minutes.
*  His terms will require the majority of adverse legislation to be struck rescinded;
we go back to constitution.
*  There will be no arrests.  There may be an accounting and charges later.
*  We have a choice:  All out war with 2/3’s casualties or Peaceful negotiation.
*  The banking corporations are going broke and will be out of play.
*  Illegal politicians will be adjudicated.
*  The majority of the military and some of the bankers are in favor of a peace treaty.
They want to hear from the people feel about a treaty.  They want terms.
*  The treaty will give us freedom, hidden technologies and peace.
*  The NESARA Act will financially compensate the people.
*  Treaty removes Cabal’s control over us.  They are out of money.
*  We will be free of the Crown of England.
*  NESARA Act will strip the Cabal of its power; Released technology will boost the
economy;  The military does not want to engage the people.
*  The Peace Treaty will go before the congress for approval.
*  The vote will later allow us to see the peace documents.
*  The collateral accounts will prevent the printing of fiat currency.
*  The Cabal is seeking surrender.
*  Call in number for this show:  805-399-1200  code 153938
*  Search “History of NESARA”  It goes back to the 1800’s.  Hopefully it will be
posted on the Ladydragon.com website tomorrow.
*  Currency RV’s may or may not occur, based on the treaty.  Dinar may still RV.
*  Damaging actions against our health will stop per the peace treaty.
This will show how serious the Cabal is.  The Cabal has made first contact for peace.
*  There are other bargaining chips that the Cabal is not aware of.  This involves Keenan
refiling the lawsuit with other countries as plaintiffs.  This scares the Cabal.
*  The Cabal will admit defeat and we will have our original freedom back.  
     Some of the Cabal will get prison time, but most will be free.
     The Cabal is afraid the military and militias are about to come after them.
*  NESARA will cause all debts to be zeroed out.
*  If the treaty is reached, the drone programs will end immediately.
The people that control the military industrial complex are the ones asking for peace.
*  It will be Monday or Tuesday before we will know if the offer is accepted.
*  We will go back to original 13th Amendment.
*  [Chat rooms are said to be most concerned about negotiations and unsure of
all of this.]
Recap Source:   http://src-fla.us/index.php/news2e629