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* Stu Webb filed a RICO suit
* Keshe is real
* Virginia will pass the 13th amendment – For those of you still unaware, all records of the ‘real/first’ 13th amendment were destroyed during the War of 1812, when the British invaded Washington and burned the Capitol and, I think, the White House. The original 13th amendment said that anyone holding a title of English nobility could not serve in our government. Those who hold such titles, and still hold them today, are our lawyers, who have gone before the English Bar in order to receive their license to practice law. They hold the title of Esquire, a title of nobility, and so this amendment could not be permitted to pass. 

Of course, the story is a bit more complicated, but you can get the idea from this brief paragraph. When I read this information, it was a huge ah-ha moment for me. I’d never understood the War of 1812, our teachers just passed right over it, because I’m sure they hadn’t a clue about the ‘real’ truth either. To me, it was a fine example of how we’ve all been raised on lies – and accepted them as children like they are the truth.

Well, our entire history as a country is lies, and if you don’t know this, you need to take a look at it so you can decide for yourself. There are more articles showing up, and some are listed just below in Related Articles. ~J

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