by Drake

We have two ways to communicate.

Global Voice Radio on Blog Talk, and the main site, American National Militia.

Our main objectives are offering as much of the whole truth as we can and giving supporting documentation.

We have been requested to start a release of information that affects every human being on the planet.

I offer this introduction because this is a large amount of information.

The information is international in scope and is a combination of history that runs from our past to present day.

Due to the size of the whole, I am going to out this in separate articles.

Each of these is critical to understanding how we reached our present situation.

Everyone knows some, but not all of the incidents and historical happenings that have brought us to this point.

All of those in our audience is requested to ask for reports on this by the following list of ‘reporters’ :

Alex Jones; Jim Marrs; Foster Gamble (thrive); Jim Tucker (american free press); Daniel Estulin; Joint Chiefs

of Staff; General Dempsey; Ron Paul/Republican Liberty Caucus; Joel Skousen.

I will be adding several of my own contacts to this list.