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 Dynamic shifts designed to move you beyond old ways 

astrology-painting-sun-moon-zodiac-signsThe week of April 21st through April 27th, begins with the tempo of information continuing to stream in, from Mercury’s connection with Uranus on April 20th. The major events that step up the action from April 20th to the Lunar Eclipse on April 25th, will bring forward events to veer you into your new direction. You are being prepared for the dramatic shifts that are designed to move you beyond the old ways of operating. In order to gain inner and outer balance, you are shifting away from the old and into the new. This shift provides you with options, opportunities and new environments to catapult you beyond your old life, making the events of this week especially dynamic.

Monday Venus and Saturn require balance as the pathway forward begins to open up and become visible. The Lunar Eclipse mid-day on Thursday emphasizes the focus of Saturn with the Moon, prompting you to listen to your intuitive feelings and put these concepts into stepping stones forward. This powerful Full Moon brings new events onto the shore requiring a shift to take place, unfolding decisions to follow new goals and aspirations. Later in the evening, Moon connects with Saturn, emphasizing the Taurus/Scorpio sectors pushing you to grab the bull by the horns and walk onto the path you know is right.

Saturday, Moon shifts into Sagittarius prompting you to organize your goals, aspirations and pursuits forward, which continue through the weekend. Activities increase from the Lunar Eclipse on April 25th to the Solar Eclipse on May 9th, building the wave of information, as the tsunami of change hits the shore. From the Lunar Eclipse to the new beginnings of the Solar Eclipse, you will set sail into your new directions, sailing out of the bay of the past into the open ocean.

The open ocean shines a new course from May 9th to the (second) Lunar Eclipse on May 24th. As your new land pulls you in the Bay of the future, a strong breeze at your back builds the Mercury and Jupiter connection in Gemini. Options, symbols and opportunities begin to appear on the horizon to guide you into your new life.

The launchpad into the ONE month of April occurs as new events bring forward your new path. Want to know where you are going?

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