Galactic Transmission

Galactic Transmission

My Psychic Garden AWAKEN Academy class “E.T Phone Home: Integrity and Inter-Planetary Communication” is now ready for download here:

This class is one of the gentlest and deepest experiences I’ve been honored to host in my life here on this planet.  It is, as the title suggests, aimed at those individuals who have a sense that they are not originally from this planet. Those who want to know where they are from, and those who want to reconnect with their original dimension, planet or species.

It includes a powerful guided exercise which connects us to the core energy of Home.

Here is the full description:

Inelia specializes in what most of us might call “non-ordinary states of consciousness”. In this class, she will shatter the quarantine grid around our perception of what’s possible and what’s not possible. Learn how to reconnect with your star family – wherever they are in the Universe – and gain a greater understanding of your own origins. Discover how to navigate telepathic communication and how Integrity will be the compass guiding you through a sea of ultradimensional beings and their own agendas. Become aware of the subtle yet extremely empowering difference that staying in complete integrity (wholeness of one’s own truth) makes when sending, communicating, channeling, or receiving information from other beings. Are you ready to phone home?


Inelia Benz