Asteroid 2012 DA14 and Russian Meteor ‘One-and-the-Same

by Mitch Battros – 

If you are one who thought the news regarding Asteroid 2012 DA14 and the bolide which hit an area in Russia just didn’t add up – you can now tell your friends it’s not your imagination nor do you in the ‘everything is a conspiracy crowd’.



My sources from both NASA contractors and members of the Amateur Astronomical Society are slowly and silently pointing in the direction of covert operations which would have to involve the US Air Force, NASA, and ESA – suggesting the use of the joint US/European strategic missile defense weapons were used to engage asteroid DA14. I am told strategic satellites have been deployed in Earth’s thermosphere and are set to “weapons ready”.


It goes even deeper and darker


The whisper among insiders which measures just above hinting – are telling of a significant military excursion will occur within the next 3-4 months if not sooner. It is related to the “weapons ready” space-based strategic defense system – yes, the same ones which were deployed for use with asteroid DA14. The information I am receiving goes a bit beyond my comfort zone as it relates to Russia.


The chatter suggests that it was no coincidence the largest piece of the scattered bolide hit Russia in a gesture of “heads-up”. Personally, I find it a stretch to suggest the US/European (selective NATO alliance) has the technology to direct a celestial orb. However, the science of ‘trajectory’ has been finely tuned as with failing satellites crashing to Earth with a reasonable amount of accuracy. (see related article below)


Getting darker and deeper still


My research does not point to Russia as being a target of escalation. Perhaps surprisingly, it also does not point to Iran. The target is North Korea – which in-turn is to send a message to China which of course will be relayed to Iran. (see related article below)


More on Asteroid DA14


Asteroid DA14 was discovered more than one year ago on Feb. 22nd 2012 by astronomer Jaime Nomen from Spain while mapping the sky from the La Sagra Observatory. DA14 was originally labeled 22MB316 – confirmed and registered at the Minor Planet Center orchestrated by Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory and in conjunction with the Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams located at

Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The approach of DA14 was actually closer than first announced because the distance is relative to Earth’s center. After subtracting distance relative to its altitude – the distance of its flyby may have been just under 13,700 miles (22,000 kilometers).


The original report submitted in 2012 made the following statement: “A body on such an Earth-Like orbit, with these short periodic close encounters with Earth, would seem of great interest as a target for science missions to the asteroid or for testing technology designed to prevent a future impact.”




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