A good review on the sun’s movement and orbiting pattern…
SunlightHere we find an understanding of why
the Earth & our solar system do not
actually orbit the Sun as taught, “Rather”,
We follow or better still, are dragged by
the Sun in a Spiral Pattern through the
universe & time.

This video offers explanations how,
besides spinning on its axis and rotating
as if going ‘Around’ the Sun, the Earth is
shown to ‘Follow’ the Sun’s movement
through the Milky Way galaxy, in a
continuous Spiral, not a Flat elliptical plane,
thus we find a 3D universe as opposed to
the accepted 2D.

Many of us have been taught about how
the solar system works by viewing a physical
model that has the sun in the middle with the
planets going around and around in a simple
circular orbit without properly accounting for
the motion of the sun (aprox. 450,000 miles
per hour).

Video (under 5 and a half mins):

– Alexandra
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