By Ree Rakhealle – Posted on 16 August 2012

I am Rakhealle.



I come through now with information regarding the Earth Star Chakra. This powerful vortex of energy is connected to all the Ley lines in the world. This means the powerful love and light energy been anchored at this vortex is been sent around the world through the Ley line system. This energy transfer within the Ley line system has not been possible since the major portals of Gaia were shut down by the dark ones.


The new energy been pumped through the Ley line system is having a profound effect on the entire Light Grid. This is in alignment with the recent earth changes we have seen. The Ley line system is now functioning at a whole new level. The energy quoter has increased significantly since the Earth Star Chakra activation. These changes are having a profound effect on the earth’s ecosystem, changes not yet visible in the transformation of the earth. You are well on your way dear ones.


Some of you I still see looking outside yourself for answers. I wish to remind you all now that ascension is an inward process reflected back at you by the outer world. Refusing to participate in your own inner transformation will never bring to you the visible outer changes you so long for. It is time now to go within.


With love, honour and gratitude, Rakhealle

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