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Opening to Your Divine Purpose Week 4 of 5

and Summer Solstice Vortex

Teleconference with Ashli Wednesday June 21st

5:30pm – 8:00pm PT

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Aloha Everyone!

We get so many questions about “What is my purpose, why am I here”. This 5 week series will be a more interactive journey – with an opportunity for reflection during the days between our calls. AND we’ll have the opportunity in Week 4 to also pull in the Summer Solstice energy.

So, if you’ve been “searching” for your Divine Purpose and you’re willing to look within and have some fun, this next series is for you.

I look forward to co-creating with you again.

Heart Hugs

Summer Solstice


from evenstarcreations

The Summer Solstice is when the life force and creativity of nature climax. What budded in youth has now blossomed into maturity, nature attains its peak of perfection, the transformation has been accomplished.

The Solar Rays are at their peak, the Light that permeated the core of the Earth at the Winter Solstice is now radiating fully through the Earth and through all of nature. The Summer Solstice is a time when the Light has been brought back from the core of the Earth and all is illuminated, a celebration of life and the bounty, grace and abundance that is given to us from the Sun.

The Councils of Light and all the Solar RA beings who utilize the Solstice energies to bring in higher frequency light to assist with shifts in consciousness are pleased at how far we have come. In the greater reality this is the higher aspects of our more unified selves.

For those who choose to open to themselves at the level of the Central Sun and beyond, at this Solstice the invitation is to Soul Travel to the New Sun.

Allow; as you will be guided from your inner Sun and solar self to journey deeper within through the Suns that you are, all one. Another step up in your Light Body, physical body, all one, co-ordinating within you.

What will occur is personal to each individual as we all work at different frequencies of light and awareness. This is a stepping up.

Best time to do this is either at the time of the Solstice or the following night when you go to sleep. Connect to the Suns at the time of the Solstice as well as; Sunrise, Noon, Sunset and Midnight.

Be open to what is occurring with the cyclic shift as you go deeper into the peace within and allow yourself to be the BeAm holding the energies within you. Be open to yourself as a golden being in the Council of Light and as an anchor and vessel for the union of Heaven and Earth.

One with the Inner Earth Sun, Sun, Central and Second Suns, Greater Central Sun.