“Echoes of Creation” is part of a revolutionary new Wellness Experience™ Film Series that goes beyond the discussion about wellness and into the experience of it.  Exquisite experiences you can have again and again, because each film is specifically designed for repeated play.  Experiencing wellness has never been easier.  Rent or Download below or visit Amazon.com to purchase on DVD or Blu-ray.

“I have just finished watching on PBS, a movie entitled Echoes of Creation. It left me mesmerized…

Goosebumps, tears and awe were encapsulated in a one hour film”.    – Tim Hale, PBS Viewer

“Echoes of Creation” is a unique Wellness Experience™ that allows you to feel nature, rather than think about it and hear its wisdom, rather than talk about it.  Experience wellness through the pristine beauty of Alaska, lush rainforests of Washington and ancient sequoias of California.   Emmy Award® winning director Jan Nickman combines a brilliant soundtrack by Grammy® nominated composer David Arkenstone with evocative spoken words by Karen Hutton to create a Wellness Experience™ you will want to take again and again.

“The film is just breathtaking.  I plan on giving the DVD as a gift to counteract the effects of watching all of the other films about destruction of the earth today. I don’t usually buy movies, but will be getting this series and watching them over and over. So, please keep making them.”

–  Ms. Charlie McCurdy, PBS Viewer