Strategic decision has been made at Pentagon that the US does not want to fund Israel anymore.
The new global system will follow the lines of Sharia Law. If a bank lends you money and you make a profit, they get to share in the profit. However, if you lose money, they lose money.
He who has the gold makes the rules. The old golf mafia will make the new mafia if we don’t watch out.
Chinese and US regime chnges have not been decided.
There will be some risks involved with this new regime.
The Pope and the Queen are backing Obama, the Bush syndicate is backing Romney. Then there a whole bunch of people who want Ron Paul. The Army people don’t want Ron Paul because he wants to close all the military bases.

Published on Oct 11, 2012 by 108morris108
Israel could surrender its sovereignty and become part of another Middle East Empire. The Rothschild plan of elevating themselves to a royal dynasty has failed. If Ron Paul could keep the US military busy without fighting he could still get in.
And everyone has to get off their couches and do something