Support our Aggressive 6-Month Plan!

  • Goals: Spotlight TSA, build a national organization.
  • A renewed media campaign.
  • A secret project.
  • Opt Out Day #2.
  • Local group organization.
  • Tools for flyers.
  • Online activism.
  • Legislative focus.
  • Viral social media.
  • Ready-to-print pamphlets.
  • Targeted Meltdown.
  • An online conference.
  • Raise funds and much, much more!

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We Won’t Fly 2012 Aggressive 6-Month Plan

This is a 6-month plan for the We Won’t Fly community. The purpose is to catapult the cause of TSA abolition and the importance of human dignity and human rights (especially the 4th amendment) into the minds of hundreds of millions of people worldwide once again. Simultaneously, we build a more organized and flying-public-friendly resistance as we work towards our ultimate goal.




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