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I am offering these at a special introductory rate of $44.00 per 10 ml bottle. You are receiving TWICE the amount for the same price.

If you purchase 5 oils or more you will receive an introductory discount of 10% for each bottle of alchemical oil formulas. They are packed with a multitude of sacred oils as well as Alexandra’s alchemy. You can wear them as a perfume and rub them as usual on the back of your neck, over your heart and solar plexus and on the balls of your feet. Get this discount by ordering a combination of 5 or more oils through the link below.

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1 - 4 $44 each, 5 up 10% off

   Deprogramming The Body
   Assimilation Of Codes
   Boost Your Energy
   Disconnect From World Pain
   Relaxing Sleep
   Removing Stress
   Focus On Your Homecoming
   Peace And Tranquility
   Ground And Focus

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