Election of Pope Francis cloud shaped angel appears in the sky

I have run this by google translator as it was sent to me in French from ‘online contact’Alain blessings Kerrie

UNUSUAL – For some, it is nothing but a cloud. For others, it is a divine message in response to the election of the new Pope Francis.
A few hours after the appointment of Jorge Mario Bergoglio at the head of the Catholic Church, Jodi Guthrie, a resident of Florida in the United States, did not believe his eyes when a cloud around took the form of a angel.

After taking this photo, Jodi Guthrie hastened to send to local news site WPTV who then posted on his Facebook account. “Like” and shared thousands of times in a few moments, the shadow quickly made the buzz overseas.
This success has encouraged many social network users to send in their turn more photos of this divine appearance of nebulosity visible in southern Florida late Wednesday afternoon.
Cat for Sunn, who commented on the picture on Facebook, the message is clear: “The Pope has asked that we pray for him. Replied God.”
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