As many of my friends know, I collect elephants and absolutley LOVE them!  They are some of the most amazing animals to observe…-A.M.
By Tia Ghose, Staff Writer   |   October 10, 2013 12:00pm ET
Elephants can follow a point to a tasty morsel of food without training.
Credit: Anna F. Smet and Richard W. Byrne

Elephants understand the human gesture of pointing, new research suggests.

The ability is even more impressive given that the animals received no training to understand the gesture and have never been domesticated.

“By showing that African elephants spontaneously understand human pointing, without any training to do so, we have shown that the ability to understand pointing is not uniquely human but has also evolved in a lineage of animal very remote from the primates,” study co-author Richard Byrne of the University of St Andrews said in a statement.

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