A Message from Lord Sananda through

January 27, 2014.

new-earthWe Have Arrived At New Earth ~ Make It Real A Message from Lord Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, January 27, 2014.

Set The Stage For New Earth

How to help Humanity as a Whole. What seems to be the lowest energy has taken over the world. On one hand we have satellites, computers and connectivity. On the other hand we have homelessness, mass starvation and world war. We must show Humanity there is a different way. We show Humanity what seems impossible We Will Make Possible. A better Society can be created. A seed has been sown. Those around the world who would like to make an outstanding contribution and are aspiring toward something beautiful, they feel hopeless. Especially they feel helpless to bring their dream come true because of lack. There is a new networking that will be done to connect and support, inspire and encourage these Earth changers. It is possible to begin forming and executing the Humanitarian Projects now. Organize! These Ones will be more connected with the Universe as the year rolls on. It’s not about money. It’s about Action. Love In Action.

The Reality for The Ground Crew on Earth

We have entered the Satya Yuga. The energies of the Golden Age have been accessible from Earth since January 1, 2013 just following the alignment of Galactic Center with Cosmic Center on December 21, 2012. The Reality is, even if the Event has not yet taken place, you may still draw into your daily activities the miracles of the Golden Age. Enough people are awake and aware to make any endeavor possible now. No matter how big or small your project is, it is time to take action. Put it into play. Implement it! The first question for you is Do You Know Your Mission? Yes. Initially your Mission is to Ascend Earth, that is complete. Next is to heal your imbalances and pursue full time your individual Ascension or Enlightenment. As you complete this important task you are preparing yourself for the next role. Some of you have already arrived. You may have a vision for a company, a Foundation or a business model. How can you use your creativity, talent, money and labor to make Earth better?

How To Activate Your Dream Into The Now

Have confidence that you will be given the strength and energy to accomplish your dreams. Don’t worry about unseen obstacles. Be ready to immerse into the Divine Celebration. Things will manifest.

New Earth Integrates the Extraterrestrial Communities as One

There is a great misunderstanding with the concept of Full Galactic Disclosure. That is we are never separate. Galactic Federation Ships are all around Earth now and have always been. As Humanity fell into the 3rd Dimension they lost contact. Etheric Ships, LightShips, StarShips and Merkaba Vehicles function on the 5th Dimension and above. Just because Earth functions at what appears in the Illusionary World as 3D does not mean that the Ships are not here. They are. Enforce. In the trillions or more. Extraterrestrials work and live among you. Millions do. There are Extraterrestrial Bases on Earth, under the Seas and at Inner Earth. Your next Mission is to accept that you are a Galactic Civilization and always have been.

When Humanity upholds its social contract between Earth’s elected representative governments and their constituents then Disclosure will bring Landings. Governments are responsible for admitting to The People that they have been engaging in contact with Extraterrestrials, business contracts with each other including returning large payloads from deep space. They must admit to shadow Governments with unlimited budgets and the use of financial, governmental, judiciary, military, industrial and taxes as resources to run Secret Space Programs laundering money from multiple sources to do so. They must admit the harm this has inflicted on Humanity. They must be held accountable. They must fulfill their karmaic roles. As karma ends they are required to return to the Whole that which they have taken.

When we have Full Galactic Disclosure then you will be able to see the StarShips making their way in and out of the Poles, in and out of the Ocean and Lakes and in and out of Mountain’s natural StarGates. They are cloaked for now, but there nonetheless. You will be able to see the Orbs and other Etheric vehicles make their travels all around you. You will remember you have been a Galactic Society all along. You will want nothing more but to integrate all the advantages available in a fully 5D world. These gifts will be bestowed on you and nothing will be the same again. Duality on Earth will cease in all outward appearance. The whole point is YOU ARE ALREADY THERE – ACT LIKE IT!

Working with The Highest Beings of Light

Many want to know who their Guides are and how to make contact. It is like this. Imagine your doorbell rang. You go to the door and you see Sananda standing there in the robes and garb of Jesus the Christ. You smile and wave your hand inviting Jesus in. You say to him, Greetings! How nice you have been able to visit me here. Please tell me, What’s New? Make yourself comfortable. Is there anything I may bring you?

This is the same process when working with the Highest Beings of Light. Call to your own Guides, for example, Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron, Maitreya, Mother Sekhmet, St. Germain, Kuthumi, Lord Ashtar or Lord Sananda. Welcome them into your space. Be calm in your mind and peaceful in your heart. Call them by name three times and look for a vibration change in your surroundings, its similar to the door bell ringing. It may be a tingling in your body or a sound or light cue. Sit quietly with your Guide and ask them the questions you have surrounding your Mission. We are always here, the Ascended Masters, Angels and Galactics. We hear your call. We know how to inspire you. You are never alone. We will partner with you on nudges, love, emotional support and helping you hone your own talents. You who live in the matrix will use the gift of your physical body to labor these Missions into reality on Earth.

We look forward to meeting with you daily as you arise to plan your day and those activities you can do to take the next baby step toward accomplishing your Mission. We look forward to meeting with you at the end of each day for a Self-Evaluation as you review the activities of the day. Together we will discuss your successes, your failures and how tomorrow can be made better. We will help you make adjustments toward deeper fulfillment and happiness. Sometimes you’ll say – I know that conversation I had with my significant friend or family made a difference in their life. I could see it in their face. There are so many ways you can change the world a little bit each day. You become the Mentors.

The Power of Women

As we clear away the imbalances created by pre birth or birth trauma, childhood experiences, education, job and lovelife issues, marriage, children, challenges, diseases, deterioration and old age – wherever we are on the Path – often we return to one or two basic issues. Lacking love, compassion and affection deep inside leading to some sense of insecurity.

How we build the next happy generation is we see Mother has immeasurable important role. In many human activities most of the leadership on Earth will shift to women. As New Earth is created there is more of a less chance of violence to the creatures, humanity and Mother Earth as women are put into leadership roles in finance, self-governance and land ownership just to name a few. The Female is biologically bent toward keeping everybody safe, healthy and well. The future for peace on Earth begins with empowering the Female to lead in the change. Mother is Our First Guru. All. We need more effort to promote warm heartedness. It is women’s responsibility to take on larger roles of leadership in the world now. Get out There and Get It Done!

Individual Ascension

There is nothing about individual Ascension which is automatic. There are no short cuts. That doesn’t mean that doing the Inner Work must be hard. The greatest challenge is the content in your mind. It doesn’t help to try to get rid of the content of mind. That is just another way of giving it energy and that approach does not work. The most important realization to encounter right now is that there is nothing to DO to change this world. It is changing everyday. Divine Grace is changing this world. All is Being Done. Your task, if you accept it, is to transcend this world my clearing the filters from your mind. Learn how to program in a ‘Do Over’ which erases the programming.

Take your breath. Your heartbeat. Life is being lived without us DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT. Divine Grace has infused you with Life and Earth and All Living Upon Her continue to evolve and change without any of us needing TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. What would the world be like if Everybody let go very deeply into their REAL Self and committed themselves to the liberation of Enlightenment and LET GO of ALL OTHER PURSUITS until AFTER. How would your Life Be if you were Enlightened and Ascended? This is the greatest Mission any human could give. There is no greater use of a human life.

The Filters. That which you filter every thought and every action. The Watcher and The Personality Self are divided by these filters. Go back in your memory to a time before filters and visualize doing it differently. Make any trauma a do over. Erase it from the hard drive. Remember the moment before and re image what happened. Make yourself Whole this way. It is amazingly simple and will change everything. Alchemy.

Make the deep decision to devote One’s life to the Divine. The willingness to give up small things. There is a degree of sacrifice which is necessary. One must learn to be OK with not knowing what will happen. Events do not have to go a certain way. Serenity. Surrender. Beingness.

Exit 3D Now

Decide to stop defending yourself from criticism with criticism, habitually. Arguing with your parents, your mate, your boss. Non violence – non cooperation with violence in all its expressions everywhere at all time. Self-Violence which the mind has of all the memories of finger pointing energy. Remember the Master Who You Are! Be Compassionate to Self and to all around you.

Become lost in organizing your life and preparing to meet that unanswered question: What is My Mission? How can I join others in making it happen and not waiting for anything, anymore? How do I surround my body, my home and my world with 5D energy? How do I harness the energies of the Satya Yuga? How do I create a life where all is in 5D and any blocks to miracles daily in my life are removed? How do I learn to utilize the Guidance of the Highest Forces of Light so I may be a Beacon of Love on Earth? Call on Me. I am here for you always. You are never alone. Namaste! Lord Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, January 27, 2014. © All Rights Reserved. http://ElizabethTrutwin.org, http://CosmicAscension.org, http://CosmicAscensionGuide.org, http://StarGateEarth.org, http://GalacticRoundTable.org. http://GalacticRoundTable.co, http://AshtarandtheGalacticFederation.com, http://RainbowBridgeNewJerusalem.org   An Invitation: Many have benefited from this and I would like to continue to offer it. For a one hour booking you may email me at beth.trutwin@yahoo.com It is amazing what comes through from Lord Sananda, the Higher Self of Jesus. This is a question and answer session on video Skype or telephone and you may ask anything you like. I have several written testimonials. Sananda’s Invitation through Elizabeth Trutwin: Many here are looking for answers about their personal life, Mission and what direction to take at this time. I have information I would like to share with certain individuals. As you read this you will know if it is for you. I have asked Beth to offer her Service for 1 hour telephone consultations where she will channel me, Sananda to you over the phone to answer your questions. You have worked very hard and it is time we sat down together to discuss your next steps. I thank you for your enduring service to the light. ~Lord Sananda For more information please visit http://elizabethtrutwin.org/Sananda_Consultations.html