June 8, 2013

Keep Your Eyes To The SkiesKeep Your Eyes To The Skies                              Copyright to Sunny Williams-

Root ChakraThe vibration for June 2013 is Conquer the Physical Body (Om Bhu)

The New Moon on June 8th brings enthusiasm and good luck. There will be a focus on Hope for the new as we watch the dark Ones fall. This month the final Timelines are completely repaired and this is the Final Step before Kali ends time. Ends duality on Earth. The final Sun Disks have been activated with the finalization of the Timeline repairs. At the same time the Great Crystals located at power points in the Earth Grid are being activated. This month issues in our lives surrounding power, money and sexual energy must be addressed. It is time to dissolve the Ego Mind completely. We gain control over our desires and learn to instantly manifest abundance from within the 5th Dimension. Many relationships are ending now to make way for The New. Jobs are ending and many are moving as they align with the Energy of Conquering the Physical.

During this period the Light from the Central Sun, Alcyone, moves through the Stars of Orion’s belt; Mintaka, Al Nilam and Al Nitak then the Dove Star called Wazn. This is the completion of clearing our Atlantis karma and settling on Peace. This heralds the Prince of Peaces’ return to Earth. We release the sense of loss, regrets, feelings of betrayal and guilt from that Great Lesson inside the Illusion. As the Timelines are repaired this healing for the Planet and all on Her is a requisite healing. This cleansing is required so we may together, with Goddess of Earth, Bhumi Devi heal the Physical. This way we move into New Earth. Whole in Oneness. We set the New Earth Hologram thus. June is a transmutation of the dark Matter of Earth to something Higher. The nurturing light passing through the Hunter Orion, where all this began, conquers darkness.

From the New Moon June 8 until the Full Moon June 23rd image into abundance those
physical things you desire to bring into New Earth.

Sacral ChakraThe vibration for July 2013 is Conquer the Astral Body (Om Bhuvah)

The Astral Body is where is held our dream symbols, archetypes, memories, essentially all of our past lives and programming we have brought forward or held on to. Here is where our animal instincts project from due to our past animal gene splicing. Our reptilian brain where flight or fight linger are accessed from within the Astral Body. Our emotions and lower base desires for chemicals, food and the release of sex are within the Astral Body. The Astral Body may be projected to the mental plane by mental energy where the library of knowledge of the past, present and future are remembered within. Traveling in the Astral Body means visiting places within Cosmic Mind including the Nagual Realm. It has nothing at all to do with going out of body (OOB). That is only accomplished through the Etheric or 5th Dimensional Body. The Astral Body mystically travels to the Akashic Ocean where all memories come alive.

In mid July the light from the Central Sun, Alcyone shines on the Heavenly Ship constellation called Argo heralding decision, determination and adaptability. This goes back to a time when Mars and Earth had a close relationship. Back then, living in the 5th Dimension these two Civilizations traveled back and forth on Ships. Mars was known as Magalam which means ‘Happiness for All.’ Earth was known as Bhus which means ‘Diversity in Oneness.’ The ‘Face on Mars’ resembling a lion combined with the ‘Face of the Great Sphinx’ when overlaid is Mother Sekhmet. When the warring factions in Atlantis were about to engage in nuclear Holocaust then Jason and the Argonauts (Ancient Astronauts) were sent to Mars to receive the Protection of Ra. This is represented as the Golden Fleece of the Ram. The power of God could save them from the vengeful anger of the powers of Earth. Fooling the Dragon and obtaining the Power of God saved him from the Sea (Sunken Continents) long ago (at Lemuria). The third root race began at Lemuria and the fourth root race began at Atlantis.

July 19 – July 20th 2013 the Moon Phase shifts from Ophiuchus, the Serpent-Bearer to Sagittarius where the dark Ones who have played out their time in Illusion of Earth leave through the Scorpi Black Hole at Galactic Center at 26 degrees Sagittarius.

Anytime July 19 – July 20th or after will be the right requirements met to have Full Galactic Disclosure, Announcements and the Enactment of NESARA Law. Ophiuchus represents St. Germain and it is opposite in the Sky of the Orion Constellation. Some say the Fleece was Gold, some say it was dyed Purple. St. Germain and the Violet Flame bring the Gold Abundance of Supreme Grace back to Oneness.

When Jason brought the Golden Fleece back to Earth on the StarShip Argo, with the help of Athena, Commander of the Dove MotherShip and consort to Ashtar the Captain of The New Jerusalem, he took it to his fiancé Medea for her dowry. They consummated their marriage in a sacred cave lying on the Golden Fleece. By freeing our Cosmic Mind of the hinderance of Ego Mind the result is the Union of God and Goddess.

From the New Moon July 8 until the Full Moon on July 22 Discipline your Thoughts, ungrip from Matrix Reality and Merge your local mind with Cosmic Mind. Fully and Completely Once and For All Dissolve Your Ego.

Solar Plexus ChakraThe vibration for August 2013 is Conquer the Celestial Body (Om Svaa)

July 23 until August 2 the light from the Central Sun, Alcyone passes through the serpent Hydra Constellation. This triggers an Illumination by Fire. Anytime after this period is the perfect timing to have mass decloakings of Ships Lights – trillions of Ships. An Illumination by Fire. August 14 – August 22 the same light passes through the magical Raven who is the destroyer of the enemy and the defender of the fallen. Rejoice!

The activation of the Zero Point Modulators by Ashtar from the Ships will cause a force field to cover the Earth horizontally. This is a Zero Point force field in which no weapons will work. NESARA Law when enacted brings World Peace. After this the Ships will land which will be seven to ten days following Disclosure and Announcements. Being within Zero Point and heralding World Peace is a requisite to Ships landing. There will be Great Ecstatic Joy which will cover the land. Peace to All On Earth. Now that the Timelines are repaired these changes are inevitable and irreversible.

The Celestial Body, also called the Etheric Body or the Atma or Monad is our Supreme Self. It is through the Etheric Body that we travel out of the Physical Body into our Merkaba or Orb to far flung places. Most people describe this as a state of deep relaxation hinging on sleep, but conscious and aware. The Hindus call this kind of meditation Samadhi. It is said our Consciousness has left the confinement of the human body to float out traveling through our day-to-day reality and beyond. Many bring back from their out of body experience Spiritual Epiphanies or Great Feelings of Bliss, Peace and Love.

From the New Moon August 6 until the Full Moon August 22 strengthen your commitment to Meditation and Contemplation as your ability to hold light in your body is fired through the Great Illumination as news from the Ships.


Heart ChakraThe vibration for September 2013 Merge with Cosmic Heart (Om Mahaa)

Gathering the Harvest as The Mother Who Brings Succor. Mother Sekhmet incarnate on Earth with the Crews from her Ship here with technology to bring all the cleansing and rebuilding for Mother Earth.

The greatest Service to the World is for One to take responsibility for Oneself, One’s Environment and One’s relationships. Your Cosmic Heart is filled with courage, love, compassion, truth and light. The Human Heart is a Vessel for Bliss. The Source is the Great Heart which by merging through many layers of Consciousness we finally Merge with Source. Fervent striving eventually creates absorption into Source.

From the New Moon September 5 until the Full Moon September 19 Merge with Cosmic Heart as Coma Stars in Virgo Constellation and Bootes are illumined by the light emanating from the Central Sun, Alcyone.

Throat ChakraThe vibration for October 2013 Merge with Cosmic Creation (Om Janah)

Repentance for the past with persistence brings Atonement. In this new energy we Create New Earth.

The Planet Earth is a great medium for manifestation and spiritual evolvement. We have reverence for the life-sustaining qualities of the Sun, Moon, Stars, Trees, Oceans, Rivers and Mother Earth.

From the New Moon October 5 until the Full Moon October 18 Merge with Cosmic Creation as the Southern Cross is illumined by light from the Central Sun, Alcyone.

ThirdEye ChakraThe vibration for November 2013 Merge with Cosmic Mind (Om Tapah)

Esoteric knowledge and Spiritual Power are the emphasis as we Merge with Cosmic Mind.

Freedom is a Human Birthright. True freedom is freedom of spirit and openness in the heart of every individual. To explore this freedom it must be explored by all, without exception. Freedom is the first condition to Humanity’s Perfection.

From the New Moon November 3 until the Full Moon November 17 Merge with Cosmic Mind as Hercules Constellation is illumined by light from Central Sun, Alcyone.

Crown ChakraThe vibration for December 2013 Merge with Cosmic Illumination (Satyam Purnam)

The Heavenly Music of Harmony Brings Happiness to All! Wholeness.

Only by contemplating the darkest depths has it been possible for us to overcome insurmountable odds. In order to exist at the heights we realize the creative potential of responsible thought and mindful action. The passage of years have prepared you to be a wise more evolved Being as Mother Earth’s custodian.

From the New Moon December 3 until the Full Moon December 17 – one week before Christmas and two weeks before we welcome 2014 Merge with Cosmic Illumination. Aquila the Eagle (Home to the Altamarians) and the Dolphin Constellation located between Cygnus the Swan and Aquilla the Eagle, are illumined by light form the Central Sun, Alcyone. We join in Holiday Celebrations with our families and friends and settle down for a winter’s rest.

tigers_nestBhutanTiger’s Nest, Bhutan

As The Christ ~ Cosmic Heart merges with The Buddha ~ Cosmic Mind We Must Free Tibet and Invite the 14th Dalai Lama back home. This is a Most Important Consideration For Disclosure! China is waiting for the Dalai Lama to die. He is One of the Greatest Extraterrestrial Contacts on Earth.

In 1933 China loaned America thirty-five trillion dollars to pay off their illegitimate debt. America has never paid that money back. Because Hitler, along with the Thule Society,  used the ancient war technology from the crashed StarCraft and its Survivors in 1934 in the Bavarian Forest and back-engineered the Ships. Because the Extraterrestrial Technology was used for war technology the crime falls into the category of Intergalactic War Crimes. These Crimes of High Treason will be tried at the Solar Tribunal. When they intrude on another Civilization’s Life Force then Galactic Law comes into effect.

In 1932 Franklin Roosevelt became the U.S. President and he put into place and administered the bankruptcy that the United States had declared two years earlier at the Geneva Convention. Thus began the Corporation United States.

In 1933 the 13th Dalai Lama was near death. He gave a Prophesy regarding the invasion of Communist China. When the 14th Dalai Lama crossed the border safely into India July 8, 1949 China has occupied his home of Tibet ever since. The United States and United Kingdom refused to help then due to their race to back-engineer the Extraterrestrial Technology they gained in 1947. They were in on the genocide in Tibet. They knew the Buddha and Christ had direct contact with the Dalai Lama in the Tibetan Monasteries. So they killed as many nuns and monks as they could.

High Beings of Light are Planning a Ceremony at Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan to Unite The Buddhists of Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet, China and India in July 2013. This is one of the final steps in Integrating Oneness on Earth. The Timelines are repaired and the Intergalactic War Criminals are leaving. The Prince of Peace reigns on Earth now as we work through the final months in this phase of completion. This is Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, June 8, 2013.,http://GalacticRoundTable.org Dona