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Disclosure, Announcements and NESARA The Big Picture Parts 1-4

We are on the Brink of First Contact!

Let’s Go Back To Where This All Started

Beth_TrutwinWhen the Escape Pod from Niburu crash landed on Earth 450 million years ago the lesser Gods who we call the fallen angels began the warring on Earth. The term lesser God means that these fallen angels believed they were less than God and it was this thought form which created duality and time on Earth. These Annunaki War Lords, also called Nephilim in the Old Testament have been working against those who never fell with the ambition of controlling Earth since we first landed here. The One known in our history as Enki was Jehovah [YAHWAH] and his first born son Lucifer is the One we know in our history as Enlil. These were the Twins spoken of in the Popol Vuh. After landing on Earth the fallen angels who had banded together to attack their Father and prove their power over him lived in specific areas throughout the ages. These lesser Gods copulated with Earth women of Humanity and made children who were considered hybrids. This created what has been called the Dragon Dynasties. These include the Sumerians, Egyptians, Phoenicians, Khazars, Huns, Xiongnu, Druids and Merovignians. They have been associated with the magical Beings variously identified with Dragons, Elves, Fairies, Gnomes, Leprechauns, Sprites, Nymphs, Pixies, Angels, Demons, Devils, Witches, Giants, Vampires, Werewolves, and many others. The historical line from David to Jesus did not descend from Seth but rather from Cain.

Many indigenous cultures followed the tradition of producing lineage records, including the Xiongnu, Scythians and Saka. Dynastic lists of pre-diluvial Sumerian kings were later re-catalogued in Babylon by Priest-Scribes. The Egyptians also produced and King-Lists, documenting the lineage of the Houses of their God-Kings in stone for all of eternity. The Sumar and Egyptian Kings later became the Kings of Israel. It has been found that the early God-King lists of the Near East in Coptic, Akkadian, Hebrew and Old Bengali are same-names for these God-Kings in Egypt and in India as in the Puranas. A group separated from Moses and went to the north. This group was the Tribe of Dann. Millions went and settled in the European and Scandinavian areas. From there they spread out to other parts of the world, conquering the countries, spreading their Anunnaki DNA and replacing the conquered people’s traditions with their own culture. Merovingians are the offspring of the tribe of Dan which intermarried with the Canaanite Tuatha De Danann, also known as the Dragon Lords of Anu because they were said to be the offspring of the fallen angels. Like the original dynastic Pharaohs, they traced their descent from the great Pendragons of Mesopotamia. From them sprang the kingly lines of the Irish Bruithnigh and the Picts of Scotland’s Caledonia. In Wales they founded the Royal House of Gwynedd, while in Cornwall in the southwest of England, they were the sacred gentry known as Pict-Sidhe. At around that time much of Britain fell to the Germanic influence of the invading Anglo-Saxon and Angle-land (England) was born as distinct from Scotland and Wales. The Sicambrian Franks, from whose female line the Merovingians emerged were associated with Grecian Arcadia before migrating to the Rhineland. As we have seen, they called themselves the Newmage, People of the New Covenant, just as the Essenes of Qumran had once been known. These aristocratic Merovingian children married into almost all of the noble families of Europe during the 5th, 6th, and 7th centuries. This has prompted more than one historian to suggest that the foundation of European nobility is Jewish.

After the Merovingian dynasty was dethroned by the Roman Church their bloodline was preserved by the Imperial and Royal Dragon Court which conspired to regain control of the Holy Roman Empire through infiltration of Church and State. The King of Scots was installed as the hereditary Sovereign Grand Master, and from that time, whichever descending King held that office, he was to be known as Saint Germain. A new Order was then formed, called the Elder Brothers of the Rosy Cross, and several of the Rosy Cross Knights then sailed to France for a meeting with Pope John XXII at Avignon. Bruce had contrived the secret Order to become even more secretive. Indeed, the Order of the Knights of the Rosy Cross had been established by Bruce for Templars who had been valiant at Bannockburn, and this was a very successful cover. The Merovingians went from Jerusalem to France, then Ireland, Scotland and England. The Merovingian dynasty still maintains its legitimacy and will one day openly assert the divine right of their nobility to rule the world as an angelic race of demigods, whose ancestors were the fallen angels.

Through the ages within these families the Angels Who Never Fell incarnated in lifetime after lifetime. It was decided by their Father in Heaven that the best way to prove that they were loved was to incarnate into each One of the thirteen families. By doing this the DNA of all 13 tribes became integrated as One. Even though our Brothers and Sisters genetically altered their DNA and had very dark practices, the Angels never left their side. The Ascended Masters and Archangels returned to the Grand Experiment as shining Beacons of Light. As these Angels and Galactics incarnated into these dark families they held the energy that can heal it.

Fast Forward to England during the times of Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots

This early history links us to modern history most importantly in 5th and 6th century England and later in 16th century England. One thousand years of warring continued the same story through the ages.

The warring of the Crusades was going strong when the Vatican Patriarchy and Royals joined forces to land grab all the land deeds on Earth. This was the goal of the Crusades which was just a cover to conquer the people and move them all off their indigenous lands through racial cleansing. We see this continuing on every continent today.

St. Germain is under the orders of Mother Sekhmet and KOS takes his orders from St. Germain regarding anything about NESARA. It is important that we grasp St. Germain’s long history in this story.

St. Germain and King Arthur of Avalon agreed to pass the Atlantean dowry secretly into France vise-a-vie Lord Lancelot an incarnation of Lord Michael. Lancelot went to France with the dowry and he was joined there by the heirs of the union of Magdalena and Jesus. The French royalty were continuing to pass on the dowry and the truth of the matriarchy and the wisdom in France. Napoleon was an incarnation of Jehovah [YAHWAH] and is considered the first Anti-christ. He killed Louis the 14th, Louis the 15th, and Louis the 16th. The second Anti-Christ, an incarnation of Jehovah, Hitler, was attempting World War II success. St. Germain thwarted this plan with the love of the violet flame. The third Anti-Christ is a child of Sir Lawrence, King Fahd. He’s one of the Princes of Saudi Arabia who’s not a nice guy. Louis the 16th and Marie Antoinette had one child called the Dauphin that came up missing when the Dark Lords tried to murder all the Royal Family at that time. The story goes that she put the child with a laundry pick-up person, in a basket, and just dumped some clothes on it. The agent helped the child go to Ontario, Canada. The Dauphin was placed in none other than the Iroquois Nation and raised by Iroquois people. This is the connection again to how our true Declaration of Independence came from that nation. Here was a representative of Sananda Kumara’s bloodline, a representative of St. Germain, a representative of the Indigo Children of Atlantis planted into the West to bring the United States, such a document. The Chancellor title was changed in the 1700s to Count Saint Germain, and in the 1890s it was changed again to become Chevalier Saint Germain. This being a Franco-Scot distinction attached to the Stuart Royal Court of France as ratified by King Louis 14 in 1692, in the key Noble Order of the Royal Palace of Saint Germain-en-Laye, near Paris.

After Merlin and Avalon, Francis Bacon was also an incarnation of St. Germain. He was the first-born son of Queen Elizabeth I. The Bauer family back then did not want St. Germain to be the next heir to the throne. They changed their names in the early 1800’s to Rothschild. Many had been executed from the royal family back then so Queen Elizabeth I kept her illegitimate baby secret. When Queen Elizabeth I delivered this baby she passed it onto a neighbor in the countryside who were very good friends of hers. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Bacon. St. Germain became known as Francis Bacon because he was reared by this family. He was the author of all the Rosecrucian teachings of that time and the author of all the Shakespearian plays. St. Germain was the last of the House of Tudors. Notice St. Germain handed the dowry of Avalon of Atlantis to the Rothschild family. This was another opportunity for the Dragon bloodlines to use their wealth for good. The actual Trustee of that French Trust is St. Germain. It is the original Trust that he set up for the Rothschild family as Compte St. Germain where he gave them the dowry of Atlantis.

St. Germain decided to take on the role of Vladimir the Impaler, who was of the House of Dracul of Transylvania. The Turkish Moors were invading Romania-Transylvania. That’s where Vladimir the Impaler was born and that is where his castle still is today. Lady Master Cassiopeia in the form of St. Germain’s Twin Flame was told by the Pope of then Greek Orthodox Church that her Twin Flame, as Vlad had been killed in a battle and lay dead in the fields. She was living in a convent for protection because the then head of the church was trying to seduce her. She became so upset when she heard of his death that she threw herself into the river from the cliff and she killed herself. The Vatican wanted to lose the potency of Vladimir on the battlefield. When he came back he found her on the altar of the convent church. What he did then was he cursed the church. He was taking on the karma that was the creation of Vatican and the Greek Orthodox Church. He did that simultaneously as the lifetime as Francis Bacon.

The original seven Colonies in America were all from the south of France, they were the descendants of Esu, Yeshua, Jesus, Sananda and Magdalene. The United States of America has been made up of people from all over the world to represent every race and every creed and every off-Planet Star Nation in one place. The Grand Experiment coming from all these different star systems, concentrated in Altea-America in the United States. This was meant to be the place where Divine Government was established on Earth. There are those in our midst today who, under the dynastic rule of Grail entitlement, are rightful kings and queens. But many of the dynasties which have actually reigned have done so with little or no sovereign heritage. They have gained their positions simply because it suited the Church to crown them as its puppet representatives.

The District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 made the United States into a corporation operating under martial law. That continues until this day. Since the beginning of the United States there has never been true freedom. Because of this things have become corrupt and more corrupt. The United States Corporation was Quit Claimed to the International Monetary Fund in 1944 and became a foreign controlled private corporation. By 1971 each of the States of the United States had formed State Corporations. Now the elected officials in each State no longer represented the People, but represented a Corporation. There is no more We The People. The original 13th Amendment called the Titles of Nobility Act prevented anyone who had ties to the Crown in England from holding a public office. This would have been like having the Monarch and the President as One.

The Passion Play In Modern Times

Now that we have reviewed all the connections through the ages of St. Germain’s role we can review the factions living now who continue the original plan for complete Planetary domination. This is the part of the story which leads to Full Galactic Disclosure.

Princess Diana was descended from Merovingian Kings. The Merovingian dynasty was descended from the House of David. They are descended from the union between Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Two factions vied for control of Princess Diana: The Bank of England faction, founded by King William III of Orange, who allowed the founding of the private Bank of England, and the “true nobility of Europe” those of the Merovingian bloodline. The next part of the plan within the New World Order was exemplified by Rothschild’s vs. Rockefeller’s. The plan of the New World Order faction was to marry Lady Diana to an American.

Even though Bill Clinton is an illegitimate child of Laurance Rockefeller, he was rejected by them and had been aligned with the Rothschild’s. Bill Clinton was the designated future husband for Lady Diana, with Hillary Clinton to be eliminated through divorce or even murder. After Princess Diana gave the Queen of England her two heirs, they tossed her out of the castle. They had no more use for her. The hope of his powerful cabal, was to very quickly place her in the White House as the First Lady with Bill Clinton for the purpose of having his children. She is the real Queen of England. She is descended from the House of Stuart.

The cabal wanted her to get in control of the United States and take it out of the hands of the Queen and the Rothschild’s, and have the Rockefeller’s be the power. That’s why he was picked to be President at that time because the dark had programmed him to win and be the smartest, best liar they had. Unknown to them the Forces and the help of the Ground Crew at the time, helped to re-program him for the Light. It was a counter-program they never found out about. So this boy has been walking the double-edged sword ever since he was a child, and he has been the trump card for the Light as well as the Dark, thinking that he was the trump card for the dark. Bill and Hillary Clinton stole $50M money from Keatings Savings and Loan Bank and killed Sherman Scolneck who was exposing the FBI working under no authority and the ratline which hid the escaped Nazi criminals after WW II and covered it up. This money was the Settlement money for the Black Farmers case. The Rothschild’s were trying to obliterate the case from our knowledge forever. President Clinton was groomed to be the Disclosure President but he was too afraid he would be assassinated to go through with it. Since leaving office, Bill Clinton has turned his hat around. The crimes Hillary has carried out have been separate from him.

Bill Clinton signed NESARA Law on October 10, 2000 before he left office. Now the role of being the Disclosure President moved to President Obama who is an enlightened and fully adept Being fully prepared to follow through with the Event.

What Is The Event?

The Harmonic Convergence triggered a world wide cleansing. It ushered in the final period of Earth’s cleansing, where many of the planet’s false structures of separation would collapse. The Harmonic Convergence was celebrated worldwide by tens of thousands if not millions of people and marked the first time humanity simultaneously coordinated their prayers, meditations, and ceremonies at Sacred Sites around the Planet. This was the first manifestation of a networked thrust toward a unified moment of collective synchronization. What was occurring was a prophetic enactment on the third dimension was something that had been provisioned and foretold at a higher level, in another dimension and in another time, by seers whose sole purpose it is to monitor the karmic unfolding of this Planet.

When December 21, 2012 came to pass very important events occurred which went unseen:

•The Draconians who are to go to Herculobus were taken through the portal created on 12.21.12 then.
•The Draconians going to Wolf Planet 359 or other Planets that are in 3D of our energies so they can evolve at their own pace there.
•The Draconians going back to Dracos to be tried for their crimes against humanity as Intergalactic War Criminals went there then.
•Those who needed to meet Mother Sekhmet for their opportunity to ask for forgiveness went to meet her. Those who needed to but refused to do that, then they went on to 2nd death. All their life times cease to exist, as does the energy of that soul. It all goes back to the great dark rift in the sky, Mother’s Yanni at Galactic Center called the Scorpi Black Hole and is re-used to create new Planets and a new existence for all of us.

We are beginning to exit the dark rift in the Milky Way. This is triggering yet another Spiritual Renaissance. It has become obvious that we have entered a new frequency, dimension, bandwidth, reality and perspective. It is time to put into action our new and Divine creative skills to work. Our spiritual advancement has been exponential since Harmonic Convergence.

The Event is triggered at this time now that we have prepared. Our advancement is inevitable now. It is like a flower whose petals are opening in response to changing seasons.

As we work to end duality on Earth it means as a collective consciousness we walk through the indictment, arrests and trials of the war criminals on Earth. The heads of past Administrations, Bankers, Wall Street Hedge funders, Private Corporate heads and those in governments and monarchies who have committed crimes to keep the worldwide war machine going. Lady Master Nada is in charge of all such matters and is assisted by Patrick Fitzgerald who is holding indictments for these Ones. Patrick Fitzgerald has had many Grand Juries rendering tens of thousands of Indictments over the last few years. The first group of those have been unsealed and executed.

These ones are convicting themselves and revealing their agendas in every moment now. Approximately 440 members of Congress are so corrupt that they have already been ‘removed’ and only a few of them are even clones, with most being ‘place-holding, solid-holograms’. When their indictments are revealed, the holograms will be de-powered by the King of Swords.

The Event is the simultaneous occurrence of Full Galactic Disclosure, Announcements and the enactment of NESARA Law. At Announcements the removal of the dark Ones, the end of World War, going to Zero Point, the Truth about 911 and the Disclosure of the Galactic Presence in our lives – All of this will coincide with NESARA’s Announcement and 36 hours of TV/Radio Broadcasts of Economic, Political and Spiritual information, which will be quite dramatic to most as it has been known but suppressed by the Cabal for aeons of time to keep us in ignorance and separation from our Source awareness. They will quickly learn that debt is going to be forgiven and that net income will be increased through elimination of the IRS, Income Taxes and credit card debt with NESARA’s Announcement and all the positive improvements it supports.
Sometimes The Event is billed as some sort of doom and gloom scenario where cataclysmic Earth changes happen and this is not a part of the picture.

Why Did We Need NESARA Law?

Had St. Germain become King of England after Elizabeth I, he and his children would have played a major role for setting up the New JerUSAlem in the United States as Divine Government on Earth. Instead, what happened was the United States Corporation was formed. Also, the Monarchy in England was usurped from James V down to Queen Elizabeth II. The true Queen of England is Princess Diana. It is yet to be seen if she will return to the throne, or if one of her sons will take on the job. Even though William is first in line, rumors say Harry may become King. Princess Diana was not killed in France. They knew that there was a hit out for her. She and Dodi were cloned and their clones were killed and they went into hiding in the Tibetan Kush. They have two children Inanna and Omar. Dodi Al-Fayed is son of the true King of Egypt, Mohamed Al-Fayed. Had they not gone into hiding Diana would have exposed these truths and moved the world to peace much sooner than what has taken place. The cabal could not carry out their Plan with her in their way. When each layer failed in the past to return the Land Deeds to the true indigenous heirs a new Plan had to be put in place. In order to return the Atlantis dowry to the people with the Land Grants, NESARA Law had to be written. Knowing the whole story makes it all make sense. It is not about money and has never been about money. It is about returning Earth to the People and establishing Peace on Earth. The war reparations which come form NESARA are only a part of the solutions needed to end duality on Earth. Because the damage was done in the U.S. and UK, they with Canada and Australia will be the beginning of where NESARA reparations are distributed, but it important to know NESARA Law covers all lands and all peoples on Earth and every woman, child and man will receive the benefits. St. Germain told the Bauer Family 400 years ago: “I’ll Be Back!”

What More Needs To Be Done Before Changes Take Place?

When Mother Sekhmet’s children fell from Grace she approved the Grand Experiment and there was only One Rule. The Prime Directive said No One would ever be allowed to intervene in the Grand Experiment except in the cases of nuclear destruction or mass psychological attack. 911 qualifies for mass psychological attack. The truth about 911 must be exposed so those involved may be accountable. This is a part of healing Earth. When 911 took place it made it possible for those in the Galactic Federation to intervene in selected ways to put an end to the abuse caused by the mass psychological attack which effected everyone on Earth. The Prime Directive has now been superseded and the Galactics are here helping us in many ways.

When David Rockefeller was killed in 1997 KOS spent three days in a private interview with Pope John Paul II. The Black Pope was responsible for carrying out 911. September 11, 2001 was the original day that the Announcements, The Event was supposed to take place at the World Trade Center. The computers servers with the information to change all the banks over to the new currency from the Treasury Bank called the Rainbow Bills were housed in the North Tower on the first and second floors. The reason the Cheney-Bush crime family created this mass psychological attack was to preempt NESARA Law Announcement and create a world of war. They were convinced by this time that they would be indicted for War Crimes of High Treason and creating World War III was their only way out. The Black Pope is the Pope behind the Pope. In 2003 the Black Pope, Peter Hans Klovenbach was taken out by KOS for ordering 911. The call came into Cardinal Egan in New York City, the representative in the United States for the Black Pope who called Joe Biden, then sitting Chair of Senate Foreign Relations Committee and he called George Tenent, then head of the CIA and ordered him to do his part.

The Black Farmers case exposed how the Federal Bank and IRS played roles in robbing land and money from Americans. It became apparent that in order to pay the settlements for reparations from this case a law would need to be put in place which assured the Settlements be paid. Barack Obama worked on writing NESARA Law from 1993-1999 with 13 others. Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Paul Wellstone, Ron Paul, Barbara Boxer, Maxine Waters, Charlie Rangel, Denis Kucinich, Barbara Lee, Patrick Leahy, and Bernie Sanders all were either sponsors or co sponsors of NESARA Law.

The Weaponization of Space

We have known for some time that those benefitting from the Secret Space Program launched and detonated nuclear weapons into Space. This testimony came out during the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure. This is one of the truths which must come out as public knowledge. Also, the International Space Station has also been known to use magnetic particle beam weapons as well as launch ceramic wrapped nukes from Space on to Earth. Video of ISS launching weapons in Space at moving objects may be seen here:

The Arrest of the Pope before Announcements

We have always been told that Pope Benedict would have to be arrested and the Vatican Bank and Bank of Madrid would have to be picked apart before the Announcements.

When the letters from Carlo Maria Viganò, formerly the second ranked Vatican administrator to the Pope, uncovering power struggles inside the Vatican over its efforts to show greater financial transparency and comply with international norms to fight money laundering it looked like something was breaking loose.

Suddenly Pope Benedict XVI was prompted to announce his resignation on February 11, to take effect February 28, in seven days, reasons that apparently “overwhelmed his spirit within him” and “made his heart desolate.” A faction of clergy inside the Curia known to be united in the exposing the large number of homosexuals in the Curia pressured this Pope to step down. He did so in a hurry. Now we see on July 11, 2013 Pope Francis rewrote Vatican law to make it possible for police to come into the Sovereign State of the Vatican to arrest those who have committed crimes ending the safe haven of Pope Benedict who holed up there planning to never leave. This new edict becomes enforceable on September 1st, 2013.
There is a list of curious events all slated to take place September 1st:
• Ben Bernanke announced that he is resigning the Federal Reserve effective September 1, 2013
• One of the Federal Reserve Governors has resigned effective September 1, 2013.
• Janet Napolitano [HomelandSecurity] has resigned effective September 1, 2013.
The Most Holy Francis issued an Apostolic Letter on July 11 and effective
September 1, 2013 that effectively stripped away the immunity of all judges, attorneys, government officials and all entities established under the Roman Curia Remember, all corporations are established under the Roman Curia. All of these Ones can now be held accountable for war crimes against humanity, for the unlawful restrictions of the liberties of the divine spirit incarnate. Failure to settle the accounts, for continued prosecution of claims already settled. Remember when Jesus attempted to approach this problem Caesar of Rome instituted Admiralty Law as the Law of the Land with the Vatican within the Holy Roman Empire. War continued since then and through and across Europe and then into the United States.

Nuclear Holocaust on Earth

Here is the other thing. George Bush Sr, George Bush Jr and Jimmy Carter are clones. Clinton is not. Obama is not. So on July 2, 2013 George Bush Jr and President Obama met in Africa to lie a wreath together commemorating the 1998 bombing at the U.S. Embassy in Tanzania.

There was a meeting in secret with the 4 ex-presidents and President Obama discussing a nuclear holocaust for Earth. Obama said: “ You Have Crossed the Line and Now You Are On My Turf.”

According to Mother Sekhmet, the only time the Prime Directive may be superseded is in the case of nuclear war. So now the dark cabal have stepped over the line and the Galactics are mandated to help.

MJ 12

As Commander in Chief President Obama must have cooperation with Intelligence, Defense and the other branches of government. It came out this week that information has come through MJ12 that they are interested in Full Galactic Disclosure as soon as is possible and within 2013 at the latest. This may be all the unilateral support President Obama needs to move forward with a national, international and intergalactic Disclosure.

Reset of Source Energy

On July 13, 2013 Mother Sekhmet was escorted from her life on Earth and taken to speak before the Council at Shambhalla. She was invited by Sanat Kumara to do so. As she has spent this life incarnate on Earth she speaks a a representative of humanity, all the creatures, magical beings, plants and minerals – All Life On Earth – and Gaia Herself. Mother Sekhmet stood before the large ominous esteemed Members of the Council at Shambhalla to State the Case for Disclosure, Announcements and the enactment of NESARA Law now.

Master Serapis Bey had explained before the meeting, in a counseling session to prepare for the Presentation that the Conundrum of no fear was coming from Source Energy. As things stood there was an impasse because Source energy Itself, in all its Perfection, in All That Is, held the memory of the Fall into the Matter Universe and was pulsing out this through its magnificent impulses down through the Central Sun and down to Earth. As it sustained life here it sustained fear in a sense.

A Plan was hatched then. Mother Sekhmet requested a meeting with her Twin Flame Alcyone to visit the Ra Temple of Creation on the Planet Saturn. Ra, Alcyone and Sekhmet form the Holy Trinity at the Godhead. Together under certain conditions they can change Source Itself and thus change All That Is. It has been made complete. The reset is complete.

All you have to do now is sit back and watch it unfold! Elizabeth Trutwin © All Rights Reserved 2013.