A Message from Lady Master Nada

Lady Nada is the Consort Twin Flame of

Sananda, Admiral of the New Jerusalem

Through Elizabeth Trutwin, 
May 24, 2013

The Law of One

The One Law is that there is no static point for humanity. The One Law is Perpetual Change. Behind this change is the Cosmic Order on a vast scale. Earth represents but a tiny fraction of Life in our Universe. This Perpetual Cosmic Change we are calling Ascension. Ascension happens within a dynamic and constantly changing Universe. All other governing laws fall under The One Law. Cosmic Law. It is Absolute Justice and impervious to the laws of humanity.

Ten thousand years ago the Laws of Humanity were written down and recorded as the Institutes of Vishnu. Five thousand years later, as Humanity had changed greatly, Moses wrote down the Ten Commandments. It has been 5000 years, and it is time to write down a new law for Humanity on Earth and that is called NESARA Law.  All those who have been incarnate during Ramasʻ time in India, Akhenatensʻ time in Egypt, Mosesʻ time in Israel and back to Atlantis are working together now to burn off their karma and restore Earth as a Shining Globe in the Heavens with the help of our Galactic Family from the Ships. 

We have been under NESARA Law since October 1, 2008. President Barack Obama has always ruled from within and under NESARA Law. These are the new Laws of Humanity which bring Earth today into and under The One Cosmic Law. This is Divine Government on Earth. Within NESARA Law we have a new economic format and new Divine Government. Within NESARA Law we have perpetual Peace. Within NESARA Law we are a Galactic Civilization and Citizens of a Galactic World. President Obama is the ninth member of the Sirian Council of Nine and he has been working with all world leaders to move into the Galactic Government.

Divine Government
President Obama has had a very difficult role of double agent. He appears on the outside to be working with the dark cabal and their activities. President Obama is a fully Enlightened Being with a special Mission not like any other before on Earth. Ancient practice allows for all parties involved to appear to get their own way until, in the end, the noose tightens around their necks and there is no way out.

Secret Government which spans the world with the Secret Space program work together with the corporations to control the banks, religions, governments, intelligence, militaries and space technologies. One of these factions includes Hillary Clinton, Benjamin Netanyahu, Dick Cheney, George Bush Sr., and Henry Kissinger. This faction wanted a new world order. They are the terrorists who carried out 911. These Ones have continued the 4th Reich with never ending world war. The other faction has strong luciferian beliefs and controls the European governments and banks. They are the original Knights Templar and they have kept the heritage alive, all along, in secret. This being the StarGate technologies which were closed down when Atlantis sunk. These were the original American Founding Fathers and the Ones who originated the Majestic 12. The Illuminati infiltrated this faction. This Group controls a lot of back engineered technology which can and has done a lot of damage including dropping explosives from the International Space Station as a message to the first faction, near Waco, Texas, close to that Anniversary. A clear message to the Neo Cons,  headed by Hillary. 
Both of these factions are being terminated over this weekend with the merging of the Buddha and Christ energies bombarding Earth with Great Light from the Sun and the Moon   coming into alignment with each other. No longer will the dark spider’s web cover Earth with its feuding plots. 
The last faction on Earth are those Humans and Extraterrestrials working together to enact NESARA Law and return Peace to Earth. Many Angels, Ascended Masters and those from the Godhead have incarnated into Human Form now to help with the Plan. Other Galactics take on Human Form at Will, traveling on and off Planet as they are needed. Nothing is as it appears.

Mother Sekhmet, Father Alcyone, Lady Nada and Lord Sananda
The Cosmic Representatives

The Divine Plan is Being Fulfilled and you are invited to be a part of it. You are a part of it. Decide right now, before these Cosmic Energies of Great Light being brought to you by the Highest Forces of Light envelope Earth:  are you a Great Vessel of Light or Are you Vibrating With The Darkness? This may seem obvious, Dear Ones, but look again.

As you participate in discussions about the news, you will see leaked stories and distractions. Believing for one minute in the distractions joins you with the Group Karma of the darkness. You Become Them. You Align With Them, even if only as a Pawn. Still, you belong to them. 
The Boston distraction was designed to take media coverage off of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure. The Humans and Extraterrestrials working together to enact NESARA Law coordinated efforts for the Hearings; and the other factions made a diversion, the moment it was over, to cover the media with sensation to keep Souls from knowing about the disclosure of decades… of Secret Government and Secret Space Programs controlling Earth from within the other two factions. If you are emailing and blogging these diversion stories, no matter what your intension, then You Are Them.
Listen! I will tell you. This is a Clarion Call to All Beings on Earth to Be A Great Vessel of Light!

Today, I Nada, President of the Solar Tribunal on Saturn and Special Counsel to the International Court of Justice on Earth ask you to firmly and tenaciously carry out Your Mission as an Incarnated Heart on Earth and Blaze the Three-Fold Violet Flame of Justice within your Heart and throughout the Universe in these potent days of change. You have come to Earth as an Ascended member of the Highest Forces of Light to carry out this Mission of returning Love, Truth, Justice, Peace and Beauty to Earth. Within each One is the Divine Immortal Unchanging Self capable of holding the Light as we proceed through these magnificent changes.

There has been a series of lunar and a solar eclipses with the April Full Moon and May New Moon. Following the New Moon were a series of X Level Solar Flares. This culminates tomorrow in the Christ Energy merging with the Buddic Energy in the Wesak Full Moon, May 25, 2013. This effulgent fire and light is bathing Earth in warmth and knowledge. The warmth is abundance. The knowledge is an end to The Truth Embargo. 
This creates a Higher Vibration on Earth and the elder Dragons who have been in charge of Earth for thousands of years will be forced to leave. Nothing can stop this process. This is a Cosmic Crisis being diverted. Within this new Vibration and with the criminals removed from Earth, the Ashtar Command will give 100% power through the zero point modules located at points covering the Earth. This creates an impenetrable electro magnetic light shield going out horizontally across the surface of Earth in which no weapons will be functional. Earth scientists working with the Galactics have this technology in place so it is ready for the Declarations of Peace which are enacted with NESARA Law.

St. Germain and Lady Master Nada Combine Forces

The Economic and National Security laws of Earth must be dissolved and started anew in order to correct the misuse of power that has been functioning for thousands of years. Lady Master Nada is working on the legal aspects and St Germain is working on the economic aspects. Together, working with the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth, special powers have been enacted to assist Humanity on Earth. In this new energy that we create together in the Wesak Full Moon, you will be able to instantly manifest any desire you wish to create. This is your Mission. I invite you to desire Peace on Earth, Justice and Abundance for All. Ask that all Energy be Requalified with Love and it Will be Done. 

We never ever judge those who have been part of the warring factions. As they are requalified with love, it requires them to leave Earth, to leave these Timelines and become Uncreated. Removing the Energies this way exponentially raises Earth’s Vibrations so that all these other requirements are fulfilled now. St. Germain has collected all the gold on Earth and it will be immediately funded into Foundation bank accounts for projects which serve to raise Humanity into Wholeness. There are many activities coming forward now for your Freedom, for Freedom in America and Freedom in the World. We are creating a Sanctuary for Peace on Earth where world leaders will be invited to come together with the Highest Teachings and return the Planetary Citizens to the Law of One. Relief in the form of War Reparations will go out to every Earth Citizen. Free Energy will be had by all. Food, Water and Shelter will be made available to all immediately. In this moment all the past is forgiven and New Earth is formed from Universal Love which conquers all.

In These Final Moments
Your Heart is the Key. Your Mind is the Key. Pay Attention! Focus your attention away from the diversions and on to Love. If you criticize the President, then you split your attention and keep yourself from moving forward from the highest level. Where you focus your attention now is where you will begin in New Earth. You may receive a little, or you may receive a lot. Those who surrender their Vessel of Light fully to Divine Grace to be used for the Highest Achievement for Earth now, will be given the Highest responsibilities in New Earth. The greatest asset you can give to Mother Sekhmet, Father Alcyone, Lady Nada and Lord Sananda now is your focus. Focus on Love and nothing but Love.

What you will see next is a parade of members of the one percent from these warring factions going before the International Criminal Court at the Hague. Each One has a database collected and added to over the last five years and longer. As indictments are read into the record and video records played from the Ship computers, judgments will be had very quickly from the juries there. Those found guilty of High Treason will be heard as Intergalactic War Criminals by the Solar Tribunal. This same process happened when Atlantis sunk, and after every great crime committed anywhere within this Solar System which affected all life there. Representatives from around the Solar System sit to hear these cases which affect Universal Law within our Cosmos. Each Solar System has this same balance system within the Law of One. This process will not be dragged out, but will be efficiently processed and made complete. Everything which happens in this process will be broadcast to you from the Ships to your computers and television screens. You will witness all as Planetary Citizens.

Remember Who You Are
Beautiful Beings of Light, remember you are the Creator Gods who came to Earth Eons ago. You are the Angelic Galactic Warriors of Light fighting to return Justice to Earth. You agreed long ago to World Service on Earth, no matter how hard it would be. Many have given up their lives for the cause. Merge with Oneness in this Divine Dispensation of Light coming over Earth this moment. Merge with your Galactic Family facilitating changes from the Ships. Know that you are surrendering to become the Christ Buddha returning Earth to Divine Governance under the Law of One, restoring Peace and Abundance to All.

This is Lady Master Nada 
through Elizabeth Trutwin. © All Rights Reserved. http://GalacticRoundTable.org, http://ElizabethTrutwin.org, http://GalacticRoundTable.co, http://StarGateEarth.org