Beth Trutwin

Greetings, this is Lord Metatron.

Exciting times we are in on Earth. All of our family have come back to join the party. There will be landings. When? It is always the question as excitement builds. Similar to when little children scan the sky for eight tiny reindeer. You should be excited. The Ships are there, they are often cloaked, they are there watching over you.

Everything is set for the changes coming. I am here to tell you that you are what is holding everything up. You are balanced and mature enough to hear that now. There is more work to do.

There are some prerequisites for every Soul on Earth to Ascend or become Enlightened. There are no short cuts. You may read this and brush it off and go back to monitoring youtube for new videos of UFOs or political news, but that is not going to get you there. When you scan the papers for news each day there are only about 25 players on the stage and they play out their roles and you watch and wait. That is not going to bring you Enlightenment.

You scan the blog rolls of self proclaimed know-it-alls who are most of the time making things up to fulfill your need to escape into the add tab, read, read, mode. That will not bring your Ascension.

Why have you diminished your life to one activity? Why do you allow your seeming perceived loneliness, because no one you know believes in the things you do, as a reason to narrow your life so much? Have you been lately researching the Ascended Masters to see who you are the reincarnated form of?

What is that obsession? These are immortal Beings who take on a form at Will and I assure you they are not living Earth lives at this critical moment living an UnEnlightened life scanning the web. These Ones are very busy with the Master Plan and they are on the Ships and off the Ships and doing their part 24 hours a day.

They are not on the radio or blogging or facebooking who they are the reincarnation of.

If you cannot break away from these very small and limiting pursuits then you will be left behind when the landings come. When we have landings then there will be an upliftment of love on the Planet with an upliftment of Consciousness.

Therefore, these nuns and grannies and grampas who are deeply religious but have nothing to do with being a Lightworker, will have awakenings and some will have instant Enlightenment. It will happen in an afternoon because for the last 40, 50, 60 years they have been doing the Inner work and these Universal Truths are taught in all religions.

The Universal Truths have been laid out for the Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Sikhs, Confucius’s Shinto’s and on and on. The Universal Truth is out there and One must not be a “Lightworker” to have Enlightenment right away after the Ships land. It will be shocking for some Lightworkers to experience this.

There are a lot of haughty Lightworkers out there who constantly turn away from their dharma. If you have some knowledge then you are responsible by your karma and your practice to follow your sworn duty. Are you not a part of the Ground Crew?

What does ‘will be left behind’ mean? After the Event there will be many meaningful job openings as we work together to build a New Earth. The Light Cities will become uncloaked and will be open for business. There will be healings, pollution clean-up, new seed technologies, free energy and flying cars.

Anything you can dream we can and will do. These will be exciting jobs doing what you have always dreamed you wanted to do on Earth. Those invited to fill the new jobs will have done the Inner work necessary to Serve Humankind this way. No insecure, unable to handle challenges, self-involved individuals need apply.

These Ones still playing with their phones while pretending to talk to others, self-centered and scanning for news will be perceived as less mature, as a teenager of sorts. They will be offered jobs in food service or delivering papers. You get the idea. What you are dreaming of for your life on New Earth will not be immediately handed to you if you do not do the Inner work first. There is time. That is why I came to share this message today.

Where to begin. Meditation. Meditation is not a religion or science. It simply means quieting the mind. Being in Silence. Cutting off the ego’s chatter. Silence. Connecting with nature and the cosmos. Remembering you are but a part of the Whole. In the web which makes up All That is, you are only a small part and everything you do effects the Whole.

Your lack of fulfilling your Duty effects the Whole. Your refusal to acknowledge your Highest Self by finding the Silence at least once a day is the reason we have not had landings yet. You as a Group are not ready. Will it happen before year end? That is entirely up to you – and you and you and you working together on this.

Why do you think Ashtar, the Supreme Commander of the Galactic Federation says: ‘No Dates, No Nukes, No Flukes’. He does not wish to discourage your valiant efforts by saying, the date is all up to you and the effort you put in to waking yourself up! His next in Command is Lord Sananda who has incarnated seven times on Earth teaching the Universal Truths!

Following daily meditation the most important thing anyone can do is live their Dharma.
Living a life of duty will give the strength from any confusion, from any doubt. When you devote your life to the Service of others then you no longer seek seek seek outside of yourself for signs of the Event.

You are too busy helping others. You are too busy being Happy in Your Heart to care about that stuff. You go about your day happy and fulfilled helping the Planet Ascend and having such deep Inner Peace that you know it will be wonderful, but you do not contemplate it. You just fall into bed at the end of the day with a smile on your face at how wonderful the precious Day on Earth was.

You have to be very truthful. Self-assessment and honesty are very important.
At the end of the day, reflect upon how well you have done. Ask yourself: What is my True Light? True Self? What can I do better? This is part of growing up. If you are facing challenges and you are not daily Self-Assessing what needs changing then it is time to grow up. Wake Up.

How do you expect to reach Mastery with a selfish attitude? If a crisis shows up in your life, you have not done your homework. It means you have not gathered the knowledge you need to handle life crisis. Masters do not have Crisis. They do not see anything as being a Crisis.

Daily meditation. Live Your Dharma. Little mind has to die. Little mind has to dissolve. That is number three on this short important Immediate To Do List. The Ego must once and for all be completely dissolved. You may think you are following the Path of Truth, but maybe you are not. Your little mind may be taking you down the Path, but you are not. So One has to be careful. I predestined You Before The World Began to DO My Service. Come HIGHER!

Take in theses Truths. Those grannies who love their God in whatever religion, Serve everyday right in their homes Being Love. They cook. They offer advice. They do the simple things simply. They meditate daily – it matters not if they have religion or what they believe in but those grannies go into the Silence daily.

They unfailingly Self-Assess and Self-Correct and have made a commitment to be their Best every single day of the Earth walk. They do not think of themselves as Lightworkers and do not contemplate UFOs. They have done the Inner work. They will Ascend. Will YOU? This is Metatron through Elizabeth Trutwin, September 12, 2013. © All rights reserved.