Judith K. Moore


The Power of Harmonic Resonance and the Solar Magnetism Establishes Negative Ionic Planes To Stabilize the Earth

Sun_in_X-Ray-300x217J: Will and I are on the phone together, and he and I are both experiencing some very intense energies, exhausting, the last couple of days. And I awoke hearing the Masters of Universal Oneness, so I open to their message.
There is a powerful force that has opened to the consciousness of the Omni Source, the Omni Mind of the Emissaries of Light on the Planet. This force has a resonance that is a pure harmonic resonance. They are called Light Workers, but truly, you’re Emissaries of Light, Emissaries of the Great Oneness.
The Emissaries of Light have entered a state of harmonic attunement with the essential frequencies of vibrations of Creation and the powerful source of intelligent energy from the Aquarian Light that now is accessible and active on the Earth through the relationship also of the Deva Elemental Realm, and the fact that these Emissaries of Light have established a living relationship with their environment. They are conscious of the Elemental Realm, and because they have taken this step of evolution that connects them to the power of the Elemental Realm, they have an energy exchange with the Earth’s vibration that is a constant flow of loving energy to the environment and from the environment, from the Elemental Realm to them.
This very well may be the saving factor of the Earth. The portal systems that have been opened on the Earth at sacred sites and power points are now waking with the electromagnetics of the planet to draw in or attract, to draw to the portal systems the powerful solar magnetism that is filling the atmosphere and flooding the planet right now. Each of these portals are like crystal bowls that are working with the harmonics of the Earth. And if one could hear, you would be able to hear the constant harmonic tone generated from the portal systems.
Each time that you have gone and toned and prayed and chanted during powerful times and opened these portals, and activated them with group consciousness and individual relationship, there is now, each time that you have gone and chanted or toned and activated the portals, you have activated a force, a frequency field that continues after you leave, because the Earth itself is working in cooperation with these powerful magnetic points on the planet.
Remember all of these vortices and portals are magnetic points, and now they are moving in circular motion, like a crystal bowl, generating harmonics. There’s a powerful magnetism in these portals that has allowed for the transference of the solar magnetism from an intense and powerful magnetic charge into an harmonic magnetism. And the magnetic charge that was generated by the sun with the polar vacillation of the solar frequencies now moves into the harmonic resonance and balances with the Earth’s electromagnetic body.
The energies generated from the light bodies of the Emissaries of Light are key to the whole process. Because of your connection to the water molecules on the planet and the life force energy, each of you who have been able to shift your consciousness into positive thought forms are generating energy that stabilizes the magnetics – and you are all negative ionic generators.
Negative ionic generators bring wellness, wholeness, and balance the frequencies of energy around you. You have exercised this in clearing energy spaces and establishing (?) 8:58 places in your centers that generate harmonic attunement and are powerful sources of light harmonics.
You’re Aquarian souls — and because you are Aquarian souls, and you have agreed on a soul consciousness level to work with these energies, and your soul has the capacity to utilize the Aquarian light, the Aquarian Light is sustainable. The Aquarian Light generates frequencies; it stabilizes the bio-energetics of the planet.
And in no uncertain terms this is miraculous, but it is the beginning of the miraculous things that you will experience on the Earth. As the Earth moves into the zero-point energy of the emergence of the new spectral time frequencies which organize the life bio- energetics of the planet in new dimensions of time, utilizing the harmonics of the planet for the vibrance of the Holographic Earth and the life resonance of Gaia herself, this power shall be felt through the capacity that thought patterns generated by Oneness Principle have to alter the perceptual dimensions and the perceptual reality of the harmonic patterns of the Earth. This is truly the Force that you have awaited, and it is here, it is active, and you are a key part to the bio-energetics. It is with great joy that the many Councils of Light observe the beauty of this harmonics and the Power of One at work on precious Mother Earth.
Blessed be, So be it and so it is.