Anyone feeling like this……..???I sure am!-A.M.

– June 3, 2013

Letters to the Editor

PAT Ascension to the 5th Dimension

Dear Georgi,

human ascensionThank you so much for keeping the website going for so long. It has been a godsend to be able to communicate and share our experiences with resonating people. Words like ‘thank you’ are not expressive enough, and I hope that you feel the true depth of gratitude and love which I send with this letter. Please send my love and gratitude to Jahn for his service to All-That-Is and his sharing of his messages with us.

I confirm that I too have ascended to 5-d…pure clear skies, soft energy, peaceful, gentle people wherever I go, co-operation, helpfulness and receptiveness abound around me (although I am personally involved in so little now that it is not directed at me or because of me) and also that deep, deep knowing that I cannot be harmed. And this feeling of the ‘haunting’ nature of the world’s events is very obvious to me and also the expression Jahn used of us being witnesses. This is a brilliant description of it…haunting, although it feels more like we are haunting their world, rather than them haunting ours!!!

I still occupy my human body and it still gives me all the old pain and, just recently, some new pain also, but this cannot dampen, even the slightest bit, the sensation/experience of living in 5-d. Perhaps I’m just so used to pain that it can’t demoralise me any more.

Mentally, I am utterly relaxed, knowing there is nothing in me or in the surrounding worlds that I/we need to change or affect. It has all been done and I feel that I can rest in peace (RIP, without death) until my light body ascension occurs.

I have been called to be in Spain, so I am not in Wales just now. More portal expansion going on, I feel.

I understand that you may not reply to this, as you stated a little while ago, but I feel that you will be pleased to hear from those of us who have ascended to 5-d, as confirmation for others. With so much love and light, to you Georgi and to all of the PAT,


PS: I wrote the above this morning and have just found the new posts when I came to the Internet to send it to you. So I will now confirm that everything Jerry has stated is the same for me except the dreams. This does not surprise me as I have rarely in my life had/remembered dreams except just a few deeply significant spiritual ones. As Jerry said some of us have had to have very strong bodies to cope with all this. I feel as if I have been held together by my natural very strong constitution and have been running on my previous physical (and mental) strength gained from a lifetime of jujitsu and yoga (which stopped about 10 years ago when the LBP kicked in big-style – I am 50 now.) I am now at the stage where I feel so heavy and weak (physically) that I do think my body may die soon if physical ascension is not sooner. Needless to say I am not afraid if this is the case, but I would, of course, prefer a full light body ascension.