All You Lightworkers…please pay special attention to the boldened type below!
December 3, 2012

Jennifer HoffmanWelcome to December! Can you believe this year is nearly over? In some ways it has gone by very s-l-o-w-l-y. It certainly has been exciting, tiring, stressful, tense and very rewarding. A year ago, I was writing to tell you I had emergency appendectomy surgery and had just found out my appendix contained a large, malignant tumor. I would have to wait another two months to find out whether the tumor had spread to the rest of my digestive system, and find out how much longer I could expect to live. As I found out, the tumor was only in my appendix and had not spread, which I was very grateful for.
I started my year in 2012 recovering from surgery and am ending it preparing for a fantastic year in 2013 to celebrate all of the work I have done in the last 13 years–you should too. It has been a LOT of work but here we are at the end of these important cycles and ready to really rock into the new year. We have the opportunity to make it the best year ever, let’s make that our goal.
Mercury retro is nearly over, we have another week of the shadow period so double check your communications and put off signing any new agreements until the week of the 10th, just to be sure. Give yourself some extra time to think things through.
This week we have Mercury going direct after being retro all month, it seemed to go by quickly but it sure brought up a lot of our ‘stuff’. And we have the 2nd eclipse, this time with a full moon on the 28th, another powerful energetic closer cleaner.
We’re coming down to the final days of this year and a huge change in the energetic makeup of the world. There will be an earth left on Dec. 22,  but with so many people anticipating the end on Dec. 21, they are preparing for it, just in case, by doing a lot of clearing work. This means, for the empaths in the audience, that you may be feeling a lot more energy than usual, be aware that it isn’t your job to accept, integrate, process or heal all of it. Keep your energetic boundaries up. 
For those of you in the Re-Purpose your Energy and Ascend your Chakras class. Last week, in class 5 we talked about the 5th chakra or energy center, which is where we have our voice, the throat chakra. It’s also where we connect with the world and the final step in our energy processing and where we share our energy with the world.
This week we cover the 6th or third eye chakra and we’ll be addressing the mind/spirit connection, the mind/brain barrier and much more.
Click here for more info and to register, you will get the recordings and handouts for the previous class(es), and all future live classes, plus your personal on-line journal, a Q&A with Jennifer call and more. We identify the issues and do work to clear them.
I hope you can join me on the Enlightening Life Radio show on  Wednesday, December 5 at 8PM US central time, the link is on the right orclick here for the show page. We will be talking about this week’s articles and more, and I take callers too. The dial in number is 718-664-6504.