alien implantThe Earth has been a hub of galactic energy harvesting for millions of years. It is difficult for most of Humanity to comprehend that “we” are not alone in the Universe. Sacred oaths, treaties and exchanges of “alien” power with Human “deities” forged the current 3D Earth consciousness. To be aware is to be responsible; from that realization unconditional love is created and truth revealed.

400,000 years ago the human population handed over their Divine power to negative phantom spaces that were controlled by the Reptilians and other negative E.T. beings. The Rulers at the time were tricked into believing that by permitting the Reps to harvest the Human population’s Auric energy for a period of 5000 years, they would be gifted the knowledge of Immortality. But this was not to be the case.

The handover changed the course of Human configuration. Humanity’s genetic makeup was encoded with a binary slave system in order to remove resistance when harvesting, experimentation and abductions took place. Even though Humanity has taken on this karmic burden, we now have the Divine opportunity to let go.

E.T. Implants subtly regresses spiritual development and may distort the thought process, energy levels and prosperity manifestation (ethereal, astral and physical.)

Sharon-Ann Riley: Galactic Ambassador works with the Galactic Federation of Light to restore the Sovereign-Self back into complete balance by:

Removing old DNA slave / karmic implant codes
Auric Implant Removal
Mind Control Implant Removal
Removal of Telepathic Implant devices
Removal of Chakra Energetic manipulation implants.
Emotional, mental and physical E.T cord removal.
Skeletal Implant (location tracking) removal
Removal of negative sexual implant manipulation
Psychic Energy Harvesting Implant Removal – implants can distort intuition and psychic awareness
Broad Spectrum Reptillian Implant Removal – 12D body programme manupulation / distortion
Soul Retrieval / Recoveru
Karmic Implant Removal / Karmic Matrix Removal

ET / Alien Removal Implant releases whatever is not in alignment with you…in all dimensions – implants, negative attachments and energies.

Sharon-Ann is able to work in the astral to remove implants and does not require to be physically present when conducting implant removal. Please note that once Sharon-Ann removes the implant it is up to the client to maintain spiritual balance, conscious awareness and responsibility, and body care.

Available for private (depending on location), Skype and telephone consultations.

Please contact Sharon-Ann for more information.

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