Well we are certainly having a difference of opinion on Comet ISON aren’t we???-A.M.

IITM: Something is definitely coming… some of the ET messages speak of a Big Event…involving disclosure, the landing of our ET family openly walking amongst us and a new financial system…. add to the mix, we have the events of Nibiru and the seeding of new life on our planet via spaceship Ison, and whatever seeds it brings to earth….adding a bit more… we have our dark family who may decide to set off a round of worldwide earthquake via the New Madrid faultline, through the Louisiana saltdome collapse, which can easily be triggered at this point. “You have a set of circumstances before you now. You have a choice to make about the way you wish to be regarded by others within the galactic gathering which follows your planet’s development. We can continue to interact with you in the way that we have been and you will continue to slowly come to understand the dark forces of light through direct manipulation by them, as has been done for age upon age. We are rather reluctant to let this happen without letting you in on our side of the story. You are faced with a dismal outcome should you choose this route and this is soon to become apparent to you in a big and bold way. You have another alternative, which is to join as one people and announce to your selves that you are in the only planet you have and that you can only survive as humans intact if you come to a life sustaining agreement to live as galactic tribes rather than as individuals in various clubs and social strata.”

While people are quick to point at nasa imagery and say Ison has broken up, I ask you, are we that easiily fooled?  Are low resolution SOHO images easily photoshopped?  Of course they are.  Was nasa caught lying about Ison… yup!  Do they coverup mars buildings and life? Yup!  Do they cover up moon buildings? Yup… What about the FAKE MOON LANDING? Yup! They missed closeups of Ison, but can get closeups of Saturn’s butt?  Pleeeeze!

I hold on to the theory that Ison is a mothership acting like a comet, and it is the blue kachina of Hopi prophecy… and may have even introduced Nibiru during it’s flight past the sun… expect a few more surprises to come… especially this month!

This image above was taken a few days ago by Dominique Veins in Costa Rica… is it Nibiru or is there some other explanation? Our star family tell us that soon we won’t need to rely on nasa imagery for the truth and the lies… soon commercially available video abilities, will settle things once and for all…. keep in open mind and heart folks… that’s how the truth will get in!

And now… please read Ashtar’s message below… more of his messages are here: http://indianinthemachine.wordpress.com/?s=ashtar

Your brother with his feet on the ground and his head with the stars. ;)

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