In an interdimensional conference call, the ETs/EDs exclusively declared that the least of what would happen to Russia would be the destruction of a nuclear weapon manufacturing facility (with full containment and removal of the resultant radioactivity) and the wiping out of an unspecified submarine building yard. The ETs/EDs indicated that both events would be highly visible and readily detectable. The specially modified KILO subs will be destroyed outright, the ETs/EDs say, not “disappeared.” No word from the ETs/EDs on the planned fate for the crews.

The ETs/EDs are well aware that others are due severe comeuppances, notably, Israel, Germany and Pakistan.

Israel’s capacity to get into and create mischief seems boundless–and will be dealt with. Be it Israeli espionage against her chief ally, the U.S., Israeli WMD (weapons of mass destruction) proliferation (the ill-fated boomer from France, armed with Israeli nuclear missiles, sunk by the ETs/EDs or the cruise missile capable Dolphin variants from Germany), or the Russian SS-N-19 500 kiloton warhead obtained from Germany (not at Russia’s behest), or Israeli manufacture of atomic, chemical and biological weapons using German supplied equipment, Israel has a lot to answer for, as does Merkel’s Germany, also about to undergo some very unpleasant industrial interdiction, though specifics are lacking.

Pakistan is in trouble for her involvement in supplying “dirty bomb” warheads for the Venezuelan Missile Crisis and for failing to secure her nuclear arsenal, having had two stolen by a Muslim extremist group, with expected targets being Russian cities. Happily, Liberation Forces ETs/EDs recovered them and used them to ambush five Reptoid motherships coming through the solar stargate. The ETs/EDs are so sick of Netanyahu and his unceasing bellicosity that they openly wish the U.S. would have him whacked! “Then,” they say, “there’ll be peace in the region.”

The protective grid over the U.S., built of blood sacrifice black magick and sacred geometry, continues to decline in strength, and when it falls, large scale anti NWO (New World Order) operations here will begin in earnest. Meanwhile, there are raids pending at several black project facilities, chemtrails are markedly down or brief and sickly (some areas still getting hit hard, though), with multiple shootdowns observed, and such desperation on the part of the chemtrailers that skywriting aircraft and cropdusters have been pressed into service, according to sensitive sources. The U.S. program of beyond Orwellian domestic surveillance using drones appears to be in high gear, but is in grave disfavor with the ETs/EDs, who have big plans for the drones–sculptures, fly-ins and more

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