Friday, May 17, 2013

Inside a Flying Saucer

I found this interesting story by Dirk Gillabel, (The Cosmick Traveler) entertaining and interesting. Thought you might enjoy it! Dirk graciously gave permission to republish “Inside A Flying Saucer” on Educating Humanity. 

The following experience happened in the 1980′s. At that time I was still in Belgium. One night I woke up in full consciousness and I found myself flying over a landscape in my astral body. In the distance I saw a small metal looking flying saucer. I flew towards the vehicle and I moved right into it. Being inside I had a clear look at the interior. In the middle of the circular room were two human looking beings.
Dirk Gillabel
The Cosmick Traveler
As far as I could tell they looked just like humans. These two were in control of the craft. Around the inside perimeter was a ledge with instrumentation. The instrumentation was few and looked simple. As far as I could distinguish, it was showing colored lights among other things. There were three beings sitting as these consoles, holding and moving their hands over these lights. I understood clearly that all the occupants were unified in mind. Each person knew what each other person was thinking and doing, and they worked together in unison.
The craft was controlled solely by the mind of the occupants. I also felt that the these people had complete control of their minds. No wandering thoughts; they had clear, focused thought processes. I realized that we humans on Earth are not capable to have such a clear mind, nor able to fly such a craft. I also felt that the two beings in the center were not aware of me, or they were but decided to completely ignore me. All this lasted only a couple of seconds, Then I exited the craft into the opposite direction, and went back to my physical body.
I feel that I was guided to have this experience, probably by my spiritual guides. At that time, there were very few books about flying saucers in the Dutch language. The whole subject was very mysterious, and nobody really knew who the occupants were. The occupants were usually referred to as ufonauts. Only in the 2000′s I came across a few references that at least some ETs were piloting their vehicles by their mind.
As with other spiritual experiences, I feel that this one was shown to me to give me a first hand experience of the reality of extraterrestrials. One such experience is enough. Since then I did not believe in them. I know that they exist and that they are here.

Source: The Cosmick Traveler