April 14th 2013

I haven’t listened to this whole thing yet, as it is approximately 3 hours. But so far, I have thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks so much to Pier Marie for forwarding me this to share with all of you. I would advise beginning at the 12:45 mark though.  That is where the Q & A starts.  Imagine all the people living life in peace….Yes! – A.M.

Here are Pier Marie’s notes:

I wanted to share this info this is good to know and first time shared with the public.

Supreme Master Ching Hai shares some good news and other important spiritual information if you want to listen to it.

  • Every Peaceful Plan will be Done
  • the earth will live forever or as long as she wants,
  • there will be no war with North Korea
  • soon everyone will have world peace and be world vegan
  • the importance of positive quality and negative quality in humans
  • some animals and the percent of the positive and negative quality
  • the body of a Master is used sacrifice to help the world and has to suffer in many ways
  • Supreme Master Ching Hai is repairing the universe and uplifting other planets
  • it is the first time in Earth’s history that a Master has found the very high connection lines with the Ultimate God source very high Divine Connection Lines. some of the names of the higher connection lines of pure energy,

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