October 3, 2013 7:24


Female figurines and inscribed prayers to a “divine couple” found in temples in Israel suggest that the “one God” of the Bible is not true according to Yahoo News.

A recent excavation in Tel Motza, not far from Jerusalem, found what archaeologists believe to have been a ritual building  from the time of the First Temple, according to Israel’s Haaretz news site.

The find suggests that Iron Age religion in the area around Jerusalem was not as monotheistic as people thought just before the time the Hebrew Bible – the basis of the Old Testament – started to be written.  Experts are increasingly suggesting that far from there being “one God”, there were many.

To me and for me, this is huge news.  There are many ways that religious Christians, Jews and Muslims will take this and twist it to be some sort of satanic deceiving find but in reality, this is how it is.  Here is how I see it.  Before the Council of Nicea, there were many gods, there were always many gods, as long as there has been man on this Earth, for all we know, there have been many gods.  Then a Roman emperor came along and changed that forever.  He twisted religion to be this lever of control and greed that has left a path through history with rivers of blood and tears.

These archaeologists and others who do the same work do very important work.  Remember when they found god had a wife?  Written on a piece of pottery found in Egypt?  I believe it was later said to have been a forgery but seeing as how they are finding yet more evidence of him having a wife, maybe it was a forced confession.  Being the conservative site that it is, im curious to know what you the readers think of this find.  Comment below. -Mort